The EU is clearly being destroyed in Brussels, maybe by design to pave the way for the NWO, the “populists” are just an alibi. And look at the real human traffic in the Med. satellite evidences that it’s the lefty italian government…

I have two videos today, one mine and the other it’s of an italian vlogger I translated in english that shows the images taken from the satellite of the human traffic and shows how it’s definetley the italian authority doing the human traffic, breaking the international law on rescuing people and clandestine immigration, it’s a must watch:

This is the video I talked to you about in the previous, I added subtitles etc. enjoy it:

And obviously the major “italian” newspaper, Corriere, Stampa, Republica have three jewish pro Israel, but “communist” in Italy, directors, it’s like the israeli boss put jewish directors as guardians of the “official” version – fake – of the story, or better that happened till a couple of years ago, now the official version is internet version.

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