Don’t you tell me to focus on Italy and not on France, Holland etc. this is Freeword and Friends World, not Freeword and Friends Italy, and btw I didn’t study three foreign languages to focus on my small garden, We are Right-wing tendency Imperialist, yes, we want all the West, you guessed.

Don’t you tell me to focus on Italy and not on France, Holland etc. this is Freeword and Friends World, not Freeword and Friends Italy, pay attention to the words: “free word”, “friends” and “world”, got it? And more… positivist, western, christian and kabalarian and btw I didn’t study three foreign languages to focus on my small garden, We are Right-wing tendency Imperialist, yes, we want all the West, you guessed.

There are people who think it is normal to say to a polyglot editor who founded a website called Freeword And Friends World, to “focus on Italy” which sounds like “mind your own business” ; My business? All the West is my business, I leave Africa and Asia to the africans and asians because I have no will to colonize them, but the West I want it all for the westerners: France is my business. I am Right-wing tendency Imperialist, and our identity, of the people like me all across western nations has three layers: christian, national and western, western is an identity too and a big one. To make Richard Spencer clearer what I think, I state that our identity in full is greek-roman-celtic-germanic-christian.

It is not “judeo-christian” the Jews form a group apart and don’t want to mix with the non-Jews, there’s no identity Jews and non Jews, we are the descendants of the greek roman, celtic and germanic tribes, don’t tell me I forgot the english ‘cause germanic doesn’t mean german the Anglo-saxons, the Dutch, the Scandinavians are all included into the germanic box while the Irish are celt, the english and the french are mixed germanic-roman and germanic-celtic-roman etc. We are these ones and the Jews only tried to break us down infiltrating our society and starting writing bad things about us on their press, where the so-called lefty, anti-white agenda is brought about, because they the Jews do not identify with our group even when they look like us.


The owners of the “swedish” media, they’re Jews who say bad things about the white scandinavians: change media

Take the famous example of Sweden, the Government publishes a report about the catastrophe of muslim immigration, the parallel society, and the police publishes statistics on the level of immigrants’ crimes and…the jewish press and media owned by one family the Bonnier who are the Rothschilds of Sweden says “No, it is untrue, the government and the police are racists, there are no no-go zones and no parallel societies”. The Bonnier are the DeBenedetti of Sweden, also DeBenedetti is a Jew and an israeli, it’s like in every country there is one jewish family whose role in that country is to buy media outlets and write lies about immigration, try to break down the national or christian western identity and to push the gender and gay supposed rights.

Rothschild in Britain;

Rothschild – another branch – in France;

Bonnier in Sweden;

DeBenedetti in Italy;

They “supervise” that the country takes immigrants and push the LGBT rights and the plan is identical translated in different languages, obviously it is orchestrated, ’cause it shows; they also push the hate speech laws, that the whites aka the greek-roman-germanic-celtic people aka we, must shut up in front of the Jews and the blacks. And the muslims. Who doesn’t see this is blind and it’s time to open wide the eyes, it’s not white self haters it’s Jews probably frankists who lead the so called “pc madness”, which is anti european hatred de facto.

There is the solution, obviously, apart all the lies they tell about the Holocaust, in America there is a group of Jews who has the archive of all the testimonies of real holocaust survivors and actually allows the publication only of the traumatic ones, there’s a video on internet with real Jews who were in Auschwitz who said they were kept busy organizing soccer matches, plays, and art, this the video, these people are really Jews really survived from Auschwitz and now do what you like with it, this is why they don’t want people messing up with the Auschwitz narrative, not even jewish historians; they are blatantly scared.

The real solution for Sweden and Italy, France et al. is to produce greek-roman-germanic-celtic media: we must give the narrative of the facts not the jews.

I recorded this video for Trump, don’t stay there waiting for the press to say good things about you, you must think like an editor and found media outlets, the press says what the owner wants. I am the owner of this website, this website says what I like.

Now, dear Richard Spencer and Alt-Right, Far-Right, Right etc. wipe away the judeo-christian nonsense, ‘cause St. Peter and Paul brought Christianity to Italy-Europe already with the New Testament, while the Jews had said that if a born Jew states that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, he’s not a Jew anymore, so the Jews refuse the concept of judeo-christianity unless it is for tricking the christians, the Bonnier family in Sweden even managed to ruin the Church, Åka Bonnier “converted” to lutheran, entered the official lutheran church of Sweden and then pushed for legalizing gay weddings inside the church, because the Bonniers are very probably frankist Jews, who are also not considered real Jews by the Orthodox, for the Orthodox say the real Jews think the Messiah hasn’t come yet, while the Frankists think the Messiah is such Jacob Frank a total pervert who does the opposite of what’s written in the Bible, basically if they promote the LGBT they are frankists. Like DeBenedetti, like Rothschild etc.

We must form an International Right Wingers’ Club whose identity has a triple level: christian- national-western and it is definitely Greek-Roman-Celtic-Germanic christian, this is we, if Spencer asks “who we are?” We are these ones.

When the apostles came to Italy-Europe and our ancestors kindly killed them before converting they came already in the name of Jesus Christ referred to as Jesus Christ “Our Lord” pay attention to the last two little words “Our” “Lord” because that’s the difference “Our” means that to be in the group, to be “we” you must be Trinitarian Christian, they didn’t come in the name of Jahve though Jahve was presented to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ, so we have access to the Old Testament and the Kabalah per the New Testament, Jesus gave us and He could give us, so I can have access to the Zohar no matter if the Rabbis don’t like it and destest Jesus Christ for giving it to us greek-roman-celtic-germanic, so Jesus Christ appeared to Saint Paul who wanted to go towards the East and convert the Asians and told him as it is written in the New Testament not to go towards the East, but to go towards the West, this means that our ancestors were chosen, directly by the Lord Jesus Christ, this means we must stick to Trinitarian Christianism, which brought a lot of success and richness to Europe, until the Jews didn’t manage to infiltrate our society and to bring us down, don’t let them do it, our identity, your identity goes from greek-roman-celtic-germanic polytheist, to greek-roman-celtic-germanic trinitarian christian, this is the real European identity, that the EU founded by Jews refused and when proposed to say judeo-christian they refused again because the Jews they tell the others but they don’t want to mix and because they already back then wanted to fill the EU with africans and asians aka muslims.

Our identity is greek-roman-celtic-germanic christian, we must take back this in Europe and in Sweden too, we must not allow the Jews to control our media and our finances, in this Hitler had guessed: they really do it, they use the media to say bad things about us and to try to make us do the opposite of our best interests, our best interest is basically to keep Europe greek-roman-celtic-germanic-christian.

Once Richard Spencer said a very true thing: the destiny of the whites is to be dominant, because the whites if they’re not dominant they die, other people can survive in our society, we cannot survive in other people’s societies, muslims can survive in christian societies, christians cannot survive in muslim societies, so either dominant or dead. They want us over, we’ll go back dominant. The jewish press and freemasonry must be condemned just as much as Hitler, as Henrik Palmgren of RedIce, that I greet, said, be careful, Germany purged of the jewish component became an economic super-power and one of the best place in the world where to live after they lost, not even won the second world war, while Britain and Sweden thanks to the heavy anti-patriotic jewish components of their societies represented by the unfortunately powerful families of Rothschild and Bonnier are being weakened incredibly till the point they risk to disappear as anglo-saxon protestant or scandinavian societies, notice how the jewish families ask, impose to their press to lie and to deny evidences, we must change press, I have to mark that to go on not mentioning the jewish component and to call it “pc brigade” doesn’t solve the problem: You must name their names, aka Ashkenazi Jews, Frankist Jews, Rothschild, Bonnier, Soros etc, Soros is paying 500 millions euros to his NGOs to fund a fleet to smuggle people to Europe from the libyan coasts, the judges made it illegal to prohibit the smuggling of people to Europe if it is done “to help” and the ashkenazi frankist Jews pay NGOs to take people and bring them here to invade us and destroy the greek-roman-celtic-germanic people aka us -; we’ll dying saying Heil Hitler.

To all the ones who insist with this judeo-christian thing, but excuse me, do they in Israel say that Israel is judeo-christian or just jewish? I don’t grasp the concept that a christian to go to Jerusalem or Nazareth should ask permission to the Jews and they never say Israel is a judeo-christian nation they say just jewish, and btw, the concept of judeo-christian EU was refused by the Jews because they didn’t want to mix with the non-Jews, get over it. At present there are even Jews who are refused entrance to Israel because the rather few Jews who control the Israeli State can refuse entrance to the Holy Land to whom they like; I don’t believe that Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Holy sites can be really given in control to a group of Jews, who should be allowed to refuse enytrance to the christians, to the muslims and even finally to the other Jews they personally and arbitrarily dislike. And that’s it, “if you like it”. But this time, I’m afraid, also if you don’t.

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