Is Britain the last real democracy left? Baron Hague of Richmond calls for new general elections, Theresa May cannot deal with Brussels with the Lords campaigning for the EU againt the british Government. William Hague is right – it’s time to scrap the Fixed Term Parliament Act  

William Hague the Baron of Richmond, real Baron I read, not bla bla Baron, calls for new General Elections for Theresa May to have her Brexit plan approved by the people. I like this a lot. This happens when in France a little man called Hollande doesn’t want the French to vote LePen because he doesn’t want the French to be given the possibility to choose whether to stay or to exit from the EU and from the eurozone and he doesn’t even understand, Hollande, the gravity of his assertions, this is being an officer of the EU and of the NWO, not a representative of the french people at the EU or in the international community, I have to add that, if the French vote Macron they are ruined, Macron is totally NWO, backed by the Rothschild bankers and the Saudi Arabians and he perceives himself as an officer of the EU in France, if the French really don’t like LePen they still better vote Fillon, lately the wife said she worked from home, hopefully, this scandalous hunt against Fillon will end, because it is a hunt and it shows.

Now William Hague doesn’t want the Lords to humiliate the British Prime Minister and the British Government, during the negotiations, it’s like the Lords want Theresa May to be held at ransom and not to be able to be self assured during the negotiations, I’m sorry to say it, but it’s like all these so called Lords are on the side of the EU against the british government during the negotiations. I would abolish them, or keep a different type of House of Lords, all these Lords look like traitors, snakes in the breast of the mother Britain. Hague is right, go to new general elections so that the people will vote a fully committed Brexit government and parliament. The people they want out, it’s their nation, it’s their money, it’s their country. You cannot impose the EU as a country, the Britons would have never accepted it. When the British prime Minister goes to Brussels to negotiate she must have all the parliament on her side, she cannot be humiliated at home. Britain and the USA are still democracies, the rest, the EU, France, Italy, you can see it with your own eyes, what they are.

One of two things happened behind the closed door of Number 10 this morning.

Source: William Hague is right – it’s time to scrap the Fixed Term Parliament Act  

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