Have I got to press this? Well, I do it, it’s just another reminder of where the Left wants to bring society. Sweden Democrats anyone? Mass brawl breaks out in Sweden – police find AK47 assault rifle

The Left obtained in Britain to give to black criminals inferior punishments than to whites. Theresa May should snap new general elections and a tough real right wing government should win; in Sweden, Sweden Democrats anyone, by the way? The leftists are the real enemy, focus on them, find out who they are, who their leaders are and if it’s zionists, and it is, take revenge on them, because it is zios. Rothschilds, all the clan both french and english, Soros, DeBenedetti, Israid. Remember and do not forget, because revenge can be served also cold. For now try to endure what you cannot forgive, but when the time comes be pitiless on the bosses and the collaborators of the Left, no Israel, no Holy Land to the zionists because their bosses are zionists and I gave you the names.

Around 15 people clashed in Fittja, in the south of Stockholm, in a huge fight broken up by police.  Officers found an AK47 assault rifle on a footbridge near the brawl.  Local media say police shut down the metro station to passengers and stopped trains running through the station as they patrolled…

Source: Mass brawl breaks out in Sweden – police find AK47 assault rifle

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