The Jews are getting angry, but the leaders of the hated Left are all ashkenazi Jews related to Israel, and it shows, if then the real leaders are satanic Jesuits they must reveal it, as far as we can see on top there’s always a Jew. – Videos –

Lately I took the habit to call openly the Jews as leaders of the most hated Left, because on top of the lefty hierarchy there are ashkenazi Jews, often related to the State of Israel, here’s the video where I say it plainly:

The Jews sometimes react like they don’t “understand” my point of view, while their problem is that “it shows” that the Jews are on top of the lefty hierarchy, you go up and you jump into, regularly, a Rothschild, George Soros, Bernard Henry Levy, they’re all Jews, all but Soros Israelis too, so even the Anti Defamation League and the Jewish Rescue Committee they close the doors of Israel to african refugees and try to smuggle them to Europe and defend their supposed rights in Europe using the Holocaust as battleship’s flag, this is the game they play, it is an open game not secret, to the ones who say “not all Jews are like this” yes, it’s true, but the top of the lefty pyramid is Israelis and they do use the holocaust to push the invasion of Europe. They even, the Open Democracy’s ashkenazis, found the Black Lives Matter, also this is not a secret.

As for the reparation money it’s they who owe a lot to the Anglo-Americans and the Russians – all whites btw you cannot really tell a russian from a german until they talk, unless you’re russian or german and notice slight differences that other people may not –

So while the WWII was almost all white, whites Vs whites, now that Churchill, Eisenhower and Charles DeGaulle died, now the ashkenazi Jews set up the Black Lives Matter to basically pay some sell outs of black people to insult the white christians, while many blacks stay outside of it and can’t stand it and they are right. Tell Churchill right in the face: “you white shit” you ashkenazi lefty Jews, after he saved your lives from slaughter.

Now the rightwing Jews try to talk about the liberals and the leftists as if they had nothing to do with judaism and Israel while in fact the major zionists do happen to be the leaders, it is true and in one case an anti-NWO Jew, a young one, I may describe him as still a boy, broke out saying :”My mother denies it, but you can see they’re all Jews, I think she denies it for fear of antisemitism” . This boy and a rabbi who were and I think are still against the NWO condemned the sect of the Frankists, but didn’t deny the evidence, because as I told you above “it shows” on top of it there are Jews and Israeli double nationals there are then people who say the real above level is satanic Jesuits, in this case the Jews should take the distance because the jewish leaders of the Left are apparent, evident, the satanic Jesuits hide, but if they hide they hide behind them. I apologize to the innocent Jews but everybody can see the way Auschwitz is used to justify israeli crimes and moreover in Israel they are scared of a new diaspora so they fill the israelis with scare stories not about the nazis, but about the goym, which is different, because they don’t want the israelis to pack their bags and move to the USA where there are the goym who may not want to kill them, it is a very interesting question if they can really set up a State whose sole raison d’être seems to be fear of being slaughtered if they move from there. It is about time the historians are set free to investigate what really happened in the concentration camps without opinion crime not even negationism, since even historians who are children of Auschwitz-prisoners were threatened when they pointed out that some historic relics were fake, and they were threatened by some jewish associations.

Related video with a couple of additional considerations

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