Fillon’s Program is too good to be let down, he personally cannot do the cuts to the public sector after giving taxpayers’ money to his wife for doing nothing. Find another candidate that applies the same program. There’s time, not a lot but there is.


François Fillon

I’ve made up my mind: Fillon’s program is good, both for the inner and the foreign affairs, but honestly, if he has to cut really 500.000 jobs to re-structure the public sector and to diminish the public expenses of 100 milliards of euros, even if he won, he couldn’t do it after swindling away taxpayers’ money to give his own wife, aka his own family, for doing nothing, the French wouldn’t accept it and they would be right, and this in the case he won, moreover I don’t trust Mme Fillon at the Elysée, she’s unworthy being Première Dame, not only, she’s so vindictive and “on the other side” that the Republicans wouldn’t feel free to talk openly with this woman listening in the same room. And I mean it.

Though the program is so good, it’s a pity to lose it, particulalry because he’s against war with Russia and Assad who is and remains the legitimate President of Syria. I also don’t want any war with Russia and I don’t want to give babies to two homosexual men, I find it chilling, the very image of a newborn baby detached form the mother, officially the “womb donor”, and handed like this to two men and only because they are gays he/she the baby is condemned to do without the mother from birth, I feel pain on my skin when I listen to it and they call it “equality” and they even tell you “Who told you the baby needs a female as a mother? It’s prejudice, you fascists…” I can’t stand it and then you ask yourselves why Fillon was about to win, but the cuts to the public sector, the abolition of the 35 hours, the diminishing of 100 milliards euros of public expenses after giving taxpayers’ money to himself basically and his wife for doing zero hour work, he cannot do it. Find another “virgin” candidate that applies pretty much the same program, but with less obsession of cutting public sector jobs and leaving the national contract at 36 or 40 hours and sunday free. Juppé is right.

Back it up and do it again.

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