What kind of French voter are you? Characterization of the French Voters according to the Party they vote

French citizens queue prior to casting tThe French are about to vote, let’s see what kind of French vote for whom…

The characters are the same independently from the ethnicity of the voters.

The electors of the Front National:

You are very independent in your judgement and do not rely on other people’s agreement, you perceive yourself as harder than the others. You don’t like the Left from the deep of your guts, even – or first of all – sexually, no gender in your world: a man is a man, and you, it goes without saying, are a man; basically you’re a man also if you’re a woman, the identity of the Party is very masculine.

The electors of the Republicans:

You perceive yourself as upper class and institutional, you like some of the things the Front National say but still think you’re better, more elegant. You’re not an outspoken rebel, but if you rebel you can be worse than the Right, more thourough, because you’re cold and do not take decisions lightly. You are the “Right” they are the “Far-Right”. You judge harshly the other parties, for you the Left is a mess and a far Right somewhat “plebean” even if “understandable”.

The electors of En Marche:

You go with the flow and are careful about what people say or think about you, you can be easily influenced by television, you fancy youself as clever and compassionate, but need desperately the approval of someone before taking a decision to be sure that if things go wrong it won’t be your fault, it’ll be television’s fault or, at a supposedly superior level, the intellectuals’s who told you to do like this fault. You’re not bad, but you’re unsecure and if you trust an “authority” you can be pushed wherever, from the most extreme rights of the workers to the most extreme privatizations without thinking this is strange or contradictory.

The electors of the minor candidates:

You don’t care about the victory, you care about agreeing with a  project into the details, first or later the victory will come to you. You don’t openly despise anyone not even the Front National, because you think the others are all sell outs just the same and the workers started voting Front National because the socialists sold their interests to the corporations; you’ve got too much personality to vote En Marche and are too clever to trust television, you reach the point you don’t really care about who governs.

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