The French must really have “The courage of the Truth”, the Judges ARE politically moved, why do you think they put the process on the 15th of March? The timing is impressive and if you let them do you’ll end up like Italy or worse in WW3.


Fillon was object of an enquiry when he seemed “bound to win” try and guess why. I hope he wins the same.

Fillon should find a better slogan than “The courage of the Truth”, “Le courage de la verité” now the truth is that with the wife against you, you cannot win, you can avoid the destruction if your lover is against you or if a prostitute is against you, but not if you have the enemy inside your home, the wife can really destroy you. Her icy steel-blue eyes look like she ‘s going to kill someone and this someone is clearly her husband.

But there is something much more dangerous than this, the other truth: the judges ARE politically moved, it’s not an invention of a bad defense-advocate and if you let them win they’ll do it again and there’s no democracy anymore as in Italy where the judges have arrested all the politicians who didn’t want to do the privatizations and then the ones who wanted to exit the eurozone were either arrested or so much intimidated that they had to give up the project, once they gave up, they were left in peace.

The truth is ugly on both side: can a man who gave money to his wife for doing nothing really do the cuts to the public sector?

Can a judge who puts the process, the investigation, the questioning DURING the electoral campaign soon after it started and against one candidate tipped for being the winner be trusted really as neutral? While the other candidates are left in peace they do block and intimidate Fillon, and with less success LePen, or can’t you see the timing of putting the process on the 15th of March is done on purpose to make him lose, and he’s right: this is the truth. He cannot focus on the campaign like the others, it’s obviously done on purpose, who thinks differently is ingenuous, very ingenuous. And what if he’s innocent? The judges would have put off the race one candidate setting up the process during the electoral campaign and then? If he’s innocent? Why didn’t they do it last year? Will they do it again against another candidate, next elections? And if he’s innocent but loses the elections and LePen or Macron win basically only thanks to the trial, will the judge pay for this interference or will he/she get away with this? It’s high level power at stake, darlings, and the future of the eurozone, it’s no peanuts. So if Fillon loses and then he’s released as innocent will at least the judge pay for it?

The truth is also that Fillon’s program is the best: no war with Russia and no attempt to topple Assad, collaboration with Russia against ISIS, which inteferes with the CW2 project – aka Cold War 2 – that wants the West strictly allied with Israel and Saudi Arabia against Syria and Russia instead, basically the Rothschilds want him out just like they wanted out Flynn in America because both Flynn and Fillon are/were against CW2 and they found this Penelope gate excuse and the judges are setting up the trial during the electoral campaign precisely to stop him and this is the truth.

Be careful about whom you vote, or you’ll find yourself into WW3.

The courage of the truth. Have the courage of the truth. When he says “I do it for democracy” it may be the truth.

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