Message to Fillon: Dear François,if your wife says to the judges she didn’t work, you must file for divorce. She’s doing like Diana: “I don’t become Queen and you don’t become King” a woman like this at the Elysée is too dangerous, she’s too ready to do the spy and to backstab, send her back to Wales where she comes from.


Penelope Fillon looks like she wants to kill the husband. My dear!

Fillon would like to do the representative of the catholics but his wife is putting him in a Charles-Diana situation: she’s doing the spy of what’s happening in the Palace for the sole purpose of ruining the reputation of the husband and take a revenge on him. Now, there was a point when Queen Elizabeth required the divorce between Charles and Diana because Diana talked to the journalists, saying “he’s unfit to be King” etc., well Queen Elizabeth II was the most adverse person to divorce ever existed on earth, but the point came that she asked Diana and Charles to split officially and honestly Diana had gone deranged. I understand Juppé, and yes, you cannot afford such an enemy inside your home, you cannot have a Première Dame who hates you and talks to the journalists to contradict you in public: like this it’s too dangerous, survive this weekend and then if the Party has to change candidate change even if I am convinced another candidate would be treated the same. Mme Fillon is unbearable, everywhere on the Internet there are videos with this woman stating “I’m not his personal assistant” really she is creating the trouble on purpose. File for divorce and send her back to Wales where she comes from. Of course she should say she worked, she contradicts him in public and has a sort of wicked pleasure in her eyes while doing it, really a person of this kind at the Elysée would be too dangerous, she does the spy for the Left: she’s a fifth columnist. Ok, without the support of the wife you can never make it, no matter how much we try to help you, François, she contradicts us all, not only you, so please, sack her and send her back to Britain. I have the pleasure to tell her: “you’re a f****g whore” if she had betrayed him with half Paris but didn’t try to destroy the electoral campaign I would respect her more. We risk Macron President, third world war with Russia, because she has to say “I’m not his assistant”. Maybe Juppé is right, if you cannot make it, you should find another candidate able to reach at least the second turn, this woman at the Elysée is too dangerous: she is a spy. I hope she ends up like Diana and loses the Royal Highness title since she’s doing the same, but you bet I don’t want her dead and worshipped like a goddess I want her forgotten, repented and that cannot turn back. If she doesn’t support you, she’s even putting at risk the reputation of your strict collaborators and supporters while thinking she risks nothing: you must put her at the door, tell your catholic friends, don’t marry again if you don’t like it, but send her back where she comes from. I tried to help you, François, but with the wife against, we cannot make it and moreover I’m starting feeling repulsion at the very idea of this woman as Première Dame at the Elysée, no one makes you Queen against your wishes. I’m fed up of all these femmes fatales. I want to be clearer, François, we tried to help you, but it’s your wife against you and she fights against us while we cannot lack respect towards her because she’s your wife, like this is impossible. The Queen was right.


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