The unelected Judges try to block Brexit in Britain and … LePen and Fillon in France, this is why we stand up for the three of them, it’s scandalous what the Judges are trying to do and they MUST stop – Video – English – French Subtitles –

In this video I analyse some technical problems I’m having with the uploading of the videos but then I go full into the hot topics of the day: in France and Britain unelected powers are trying to stop Brexit and LePen and Fillon aka the enemies of globalisation and unfortunately, unpleasant as it is to say it, behind those powers there are always jewish ashkenazi bankers often with israeli nationality and connections, this both in France and in Britain and also in Italy. The truth will never bend, I’m sorry the israelis turned out to be like this, not all of them are like this, but the head of this dragon is israeli bankers and people who talk against the nation and then have one only for themselves – or so they think or so they hope- in the Middle East.

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