The reasons why Penelope Fillon is not backing the husband may be personal, she can choose whether to do like Jackie Kennedy or divorce or keep him and be faithful, but she should not sacrifice France for a personal revenge. Macron is another socialist which would mean another 5 years of debts and riots.


Penelope and François Fillon

I’ve got my own impression that Penelope is damaging the husband for a personal revenge. What is it? A lover? he sleeps around?

Also Kennedy used to do like this and Jaqueline wanted to divorce then she was stopped by Patrick Kennedy they say with a million dollars cheque to play the First Lady and she accepted. She had lovers herself, enjoyed the covers of Vogue Paris, went banqueting at Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth for the State visits, she even cried sincerely when the husband got shot.

Now Penelope, it’s not that I don’t understand how much it must burn, but the very idea of surrendering France to the socialists another 5 years makes my blood chill in my veins, because make no mistake this Macron is just another socialist who will hand France completely to the bankers, will allow more riots and more debts and you’re all over. If I were sure that the French would vote LePen I’d stay quiet, I like Marine a lot, but the danger that this Macron may really become President makes feel like we must push Fillon.

Do what you like Penelope, but do not sacrifice France, at that point you better divorce.

If your powerful husband sleeps around, what do you do?

  1. You keep him and stay faithful, morally superior to him and to the tarts he sleeps with.
  2. You keep him and have lovers yourself.
  3. You divorce.
  4. You sacrifice your country handing it to the socialists…no, I beg you Penelope, not this last possibility. Do it for us, for me,  I am woman too.

We beg you. Darling. I don’t know what I would do, but please not the number 4.

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