Theresa May may axe the Lords after this, what right do these scroungers have to impose to the British taxpayers other 500 million scroungers? It’s not they who pay to maintain all these EU nationals hanging in Britain.


Prime Minister “powerless” because the Lords “know” how to spend taxpayers’ money…to maintain single mothers and EU nationals, they are actually inflicting a blow to british economy and it’s the second time. Also Osborne and Cameron were stopped by them.

It began with Osborne’s benefits’ cuts that would heal the british system and would stop british women making children like rabbits only to have money in change, but the Lords stopped it – before Brexit, leaving Cameron and Osborne with little to offer, but the so called Lords were not at the intellectual height to even grasp it remotely-. Now they want the british taxpayer, not they, they don’t  pay they take money from the State, to maintain at british taxpayers’ expenses the EU nationals hanging around Britain, working or not. What right do these people, unelected, named for the most various reasons good bad or neither hot nor cold have to decide how british taxes must be spent? How council houses and places at the public hospitals have to be assigned?

They should have been axed when they blocked Cameron’s and Osborne’s benefits’ reform, no Lords anymore please, it is offensive towards the workers and the taxpayers, they play the good ones with the Treasury’s money. This must be their last move. Why should the british citizens tolerate and pay for this? And having moreover to call them My Lord? I want the House of Lords to be abolished, they must be humiliated the way they humiliate the people. Don’t call them Lord and Lady, this burden on democratic society: they must pay for the economic burden of keeping all these EU nationals around Britain, not the british people, cut the expenses of the House of Lords to leave more money to the Treasury for maintaining all their dearest EU nationals. It’s not always the same who have to pay, make them pay for the benefits for the rabbit-single-mothers they wanted the State to maintain and now also the EU nationals, they talk too much and must pay for it.

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