I like Fillon, he’s a fighter and Juppé would be treated worse than he, it is clear that “someone” wants Macron at any price. But Fillon can do it, he’s hard enough.


François Fillon

To set France right, from the conditions it is now, you need a fighter, and Fillon is showing he is. It is clear that the only illegal thing they’ve got about him is the job that his wife didn’t really do, and for a person who was Prime Minister, if this is the only illegal thing he did, it means he’s rather clean. The wife could also had worked: she didn’t and he didn’t sack her, he should have done it, but , it was the wife and didn’t want to damage the personal relationship.

Now French I warn you: Italy is in dire straits for the eurozone, Greece is bankrupt and Fillon admitted also France is going bankrupt, you do not need another leftist, another “socialist”, I support Fillon because he can put the books in order and take care of security without fearing judgements or to be “racist” and the usual mental trips of the leftists who can see Paris on fire and sit down and do nothing for fear of being “racist”. You must vote Fillon or LePen, here the profile of Fillon as found on the Telegraph

4 March 1954 (age 62)
Slogan:“The courage of truth”
François Fillon was Nicolas Sarkozy’s prime minister for his entire five-year term – a feat in modern French politics – and ended up more popular than his then boss. An Anglophile who admires Margaret Thatcher, he has described France as “bankrupt” and pledges to slash the number of state workers by up to 600,000 in five years to fund €40bn in tax breaks for companies and slashing state spending.

He lives with his Welsh wife, Penelope, and their five children in a 12th-century home in Sarthe, near Le Mans in western France.

He is seen as embodying the values of provincial conservative France and has the backing of Right-wing Catholics, many of whom are opposed to gay marriage.

He wants a rapprochement with Russia to protect Christians of the Middle East.

Fillon is expected to face off against Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right Front National, in presidential elections in May 2017. However, his campaign is in jeopardy after a “fake jobs” scandal involving his British wife sent him plummeting in the polls.”

Now I tell you what happened: he did want his wife to be his assistant, she didn’t work and he didn’t have the stomach to sack her and divorce for the children, she was wrong, he did a mistake, but it’s a little mistake if you consider the level of power he was into. Moreover, I’ve got the impression that “someone” wants Macron at almost any price, it’s very risky to make this someone win, as for the allegations against Miss LePen are ridiculous and show how low the EUrocrats can go. This means that Juppé wouldn’t be treated any different if he got anywhere near the victory and with the same method, I’d leave Fillon fight and give him support completely, the fact that he doesn’t surrender easily is a good training for what’s expecting him as President with the EU and the world in these conditions, I believe he’s the best candidate and fighters gonna fight.

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