I am against the amnesty for clandestine immigrants, because in Mexico there is no war and they behave in an uncivil way that reduced Mexico to be the poor country attached to California, same weather but different rules, justify the mexican way of life and you’ll end up like them.


South-americans cannot teach anything, having the same resources of the North-americans they managed only to get poor. No amnesty. And no Pope francis.

I am particularly concerned at the threat that Donald Trump makes the amnesty for the mexicans, because Mexico is the poor country attached to California, now if Mexico is poor and the USA are rich is basically NOT for the weather it’s because the Mexicans have a bad culture, they don’t follow the laws and find excuses for it, they behave in a way that if you start justifying it you end up like them. There’s no war in Mexico and Mexico is not poor “because it was exploited and colonized by the USA” if the USA had colonized it, it would be rich, it’s the Mexicans who are like this, lazy and scroungers and enjoy being the poor unlucky ones, if you justify them you’ll end up like them and the USA would turn into a big poor Mexico.

Let’s tell the truth, the land is something the country is something else, Mexico and the USA are America, but the USA are a white country basically ango-saxon-built, the country is white because the Constitution and the name of the country “United States of America” if you notice it, it’s in english, this means that the country is a white country while the land is just land, the mexicans with their culture were able to build a poor country having basically the same resources of the whites. Which is the difference between Mexico and California or Texas? It’s not the weather, come on. In Mexico there’s no war, kick them away, I’m against the amnesty, I don’t want any amnesty for the illegals who are in Italy and as for Brexit, the very idea that the EU leaders want to go to pope Francis to find a leader, a leader? That south-american idiot and also, I was told, ignorant? I don’t want that guy as a leader I exited the catholic church when he became pope, he’s a total idiot who says islamic terrorism doesn’t exist, and why there is the term jihad, then? idiot, what do you think jihad means? He’s another south-american Bergoglio, please Brexit before the south-americans reduce us all like them, lazy and arrogant. Save yourselves until you can. As for the Jews, they showed in Israel what they’re really like. I’m sick, stop this clandestine immigration and do repatriate the illegals. The jews can cry at their own wall in Palestine if they want no wall. I don’t like the wall, but the mexican authorities do help illegal immigration instead of blocking it, it’s their fault.

Tell me why Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA are all rich and the countries colonized by the latinos or by the africans or Israel are all poor and messed up. You can tell yourselves a lot of stories about how unlucky and poor victims you were, inside of you you know it’s untrue, it’s the system, the culture, the native australians had the land of Australia for centuries and didn’t do anything, when the whites went there they built, now everybody says they want to emigrate into the countries the whites built and claim things as rights fuelled by the ashkenazi jews. Who are envious because let’s be clear they can hang on white countries but left alone they cannot build one decent one.

No-Amnesty, No-Euro; No-Bergoglio.

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