Month: March 2017

Let’s talk about Reality: Fillon’s rallies are full and Macron gets heckled by the Mayors and the “polls” give numbers that don’t match, unless they are “under the cloak”. The Republicans and FN better watch carefully on election day, I wouldn’t like the same people who rig the polls to try and rig also the real elections.

Macron HECKLED during HOSTILE mayors meeting in MAJOR boost for Marine Le Pen FRENCH presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron took a hammering from a crowd of mayors as they voiced their disgust at his public spending proposals. Democracy must be defended,… Read More ›

I don’t believe a single word of this: ISIS claims responsibility for London attack through an ISIS spokeperson of the ISIS news ageny “Amaq”. I would like to know who are these people of the ISIS news agency Amaq… | Daily Mail Online

I am a bit sceptical; ISIS news agency – that already sounds made in Hollywood – Amaq claims responsibility, showing they are bare bottomed in fact they haven’t got guns and explosive anymore a car and a kitchen knife it’s… Read More ›

London “terror” attack incredible coverage as if there had been a bomb: a “knifeman” attempted to “storm” the Houses of Parliament. Aren’t they ashamed of anything? What do they want to obtain with this no guns no bomb knife attack?

A knife attack is an aggression not terrorism, to do terrorism you need bombs, explosive, at least gun machines. No, the coverage is impressive, “gun shooting in front of Parliament”, but the only people who had guns were the police… Read More ›

I can say it, and I hope after me many other people will say it: if Israel really wants the war with Russia-Iran-Syria they deserve having the war on israeli soil and the Knesset bombed, not in Eastern Europe and Warsaw bombed.

This Link from the Telegraph is another anti Trump-Putin alliance article. The Israelis, mainly the israeli americans incrusted in the american deep state like Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland, helped by the jewish-led anglo-freemasonry topped by Lord Rothschild like an icecream with chocolate,… Read More ›