ISIS is all around Israel because it is probably an israeli creation. End of. The wall Israel’s building robs christian owners of vineyards, why should we help the Israelis and not the Arab Christians?

Source by Maurizio Blondet February 25, 2017 0

“The wall of Caiaphas does not shock the West”*


Where are the jewish activists protesting against the wall?

“Just beyond the southern edge of Jerusalem, where the city goes almost to merge with Bethlehem, it continues unstoppable – near the settlement of Gilo – the construction of the Israeli separation barrier in the Cremisan Valley. Defeated on the ground – after years of litigation – the two Salesian religious institutions and 58 Palestinian families (Christians, ed) from Beit Jala who boast ownership of vineyards and olive groves of the Valley “.

Its length is 730 km; The track is a succession of trenches, electronic doors, walls. It would represent, for Israel, even a way to annex part of the occupied Palestinian territories (in fact part of the track is in occupied territory), also including nearly all of these wells.

Another oddity below:


The strange journey of ISIS, in green the countries affected by the invasion of ISIS. The blue dot you see is Israel,the number one enemy of ISIS. The “Islamic Terrorists” pass up, down, right and left, but never in the middle. That’s weird…

*Ed. Notes

Well, the West must be tough on Israel and on the jewish lobby, I know some Jews have nothing to do with this, and I know they are also considered enemies by these zionist suprematists, I never wanted to offend them, but it is clear that the conspiracy against the West is judaic-masonic and has connections in the Vatican, see Bergoglio, it is clear that the Holocaust is used to let unpunished the Israelis when they do wrong and very evil things, it is clear that the christians must stand up for the christians and that in Israel christians are seen as enemies, in fact how can Mike Pence and Trump possibly allow Netanyahu to rob christian owners of vienyards and olive trees in the Holy Land? And last but not least, evidently ISIS is not a truly arab terror group it is created by the Israelis to destabilize the region and it is obvious that Hillary and Obama knew it and that part of the american deep state is colluded with the Israelis. Not only, unless we abolish the double nationality and the privileges of the jews as such – because of the Holocaust etc.- we risk to get estinguished as a nation, which thing the judaico-vatican-masonic sect wants and they already told us in the face. All the evil comes from there: Anti-white agenda, Anti-sovereigninst one – Mandelson is a zionist and a jew and he organized the revolt against Brexit – ISIS and the ADL that wants to bring refugees to us but does not allow christians own territories in the Holy Land – why? – moreover if a Jew converts to christian the other Jews expel him from judaism and don’t consider him a Jew anymore, so it is wrong to state that only the Jews have a right on Palestine. I want to detach ourselves from this sect. Is it possible? A bit of backbone, please. Why should a christian not stand with the salesians and the christian palestinians who are robbed by Netanyahu and stand with the zionists instead? Why can a Jew own land in Italy but I shouldn’t have the right to buy land in Palestine?

It is also obvious that Alex Jones does cover up the Israelis and puts the blame on “the globalists” or the CIA.

I am sorry, but the conspiracy is jewish-israeli and the Anti Defamation League is part of it and also Vatican-jesuitic and pope Francis is part of it and freemasonry is the big net controlled by these monsters of people aka Alex Jones’s globalists or Illuminati or David Icke’s Reptilians – reptilians only the upper part the rest is just minor masons.

Move on, it’s not your fault. I know “you didn’t want to be a nazi”, I’ve been there before.

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