What to do now about the african-asian european citizens? Turn them to Rightwing until we can. – They won’t admit it in Stockholm, but Donald Trump is right about immigration in Sweden – Fraser Nelson –

I have to quote a couple of sentence of this article by Fraser Nelson that I link,

“On the day I arrived in Sweden, a 23-year-old was murdered in the city square there, shot in the head in front of several witnesses. It was the third such murder in six weeks. The local press tends not to report the ethnicity of the victim or suspects in such attacks, but Swedes have learnt to recognise immigrant-related gang crime when they see it. Foreigners who visit the wrong part of Sweden can pay a heavy price: last summer a British boy was killed in a grenade attack in Gothenburg as he slept with his family.”

Shot in the head in front of several witness in the town’s city square is similar to italian mafia, third such homicide in 6 weeks; a boy killed with a grenade, because it is normal that people have grenades I mean, grenades are war weapons.

Let’s go on:

“Wider discussion about all of this is also discouraged by what’s known as Sweden’s “opinion corridor”, the narrow parameters into which public debate is confined. Those who step outside, and talk about the immigration problems, risk being accused of bigotry.”

“Opinion corridor” is actually the funniest name for censorship I’ve come across till now.

More, and this is perhaps the worst of it all:

“The immigrants do want to work, but find themselves stuck outside a heavily-regulated jobs market that could have been designed by a populist demagogue to keep them out“.

No, it wasn’t a populist demagogue whatever populist means nowadays, it is the leftists who govern Sweden who bring immigrants as if they “had to”, they don’t really like them, they don’t want them in their offices, they “design” the job market to avoid them, they, as Paul Joseph Watson states: “close themselves into the whitest areas of the town possible” leave the problem to the non rich citizens who may need a council house and accuse them of racism. The impression is that the leftists are given the order by the invisible master of the leftists to take the immigrants, that they don’t really choose, they “must” do it or someone can expel them from the party and/or ruin them. According to Red-Ice-Station this someone is the israeli lobby that wanted actively to punish Sweden for recognizing the State of Palestine, like France who got “punished” with five “islamist” terror attacks after recognizing Palestine as a State or the EU that got “punished” with the open border “order” after labelling the West Bank products, this happens when you leave jews and israelis control freemasonry, your banking system and the Left, now what do we do with all these african-asian origins european citizens? Since we cannot force them to become christian, though we must proselytize among them to see who wants to convert can come to us, we must copy a bit Benito Mussolini, who invented the fascist identy that wasn’t catholic or christian, it was rightwing and very laic, though the christian frame of society was maintained, offices closed on Sunday and so on. What I mean is that no one really knows the history of fascism, fascism got successful  because it created an italian identity detached from the catholic church without being militantly atheist like communism, obviously I don’t want any real fascism, but Rightwing Parties must give a national identity that, keeping the christian framework of society, Christmas Holidays sunday free and Co. Christmas Tree in the middle of the town etc., is very laic and pushes  two or three issues these african asian origins european citizens must agree with: no gay weddings and no gender; no freemasonry; be tough on Israel; abolition of the double nationality; prohibition to take foreign aid to build mosques, social parity among men and women; no amnesty for illegal immigrants or fake refugees and repatriation of the illegals.

The leftists if they take all these immigrants they must then keep them with themselves, instead of taking them and running away from them into the whitest areas possible, we know that what they do they are told by someone that they have to do it.

Already a lot of citizens of extra-european origins are attracted by Geert Wilders and the Front National, let’s see what happens these elections in Holland and France. It’s the israelis that must be punished and the leftists who take orders by them without even realizing it. In this contest it was even right what Anders Breivik did, that he went shooting the white leftists instead of shooting the immigrants.

“I was in Stockholm last Friday, an eyewitness on the great night that nothing happened.” 

Source: They won’t admit it in Stockholm, but Donald Trump is right about immigration in Sweden

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