Rothschild’s panicking over LePen and Macron doesn’t even collect all of Bayrou’s votes that partially go to Fillon.

SOURCE by Maurizio Blondet February 23, 2017

parismatchYou will know already, because it was in the news. As soon as the polls has profiled a victory of Marine Le Pen in the first round, but not only, on the ballot, two misfortunes have happened to the candidate.

1 – Francois Bayrou, one of the hopeless presidential contenders, has announced to give up the race and join Macron, the candidate of the Rothschild and former economic minister of Hollande, whose polls was losing shots. Bayrou, a drifter of parliamentary groups, ultra-European, will lead to Macron, it is believed, a 5-6% – this didn’t happen, ’cause it is in the news of yesterday that Bayrou’s votes went partially to Fillon, Macron gained just 3.5% losing already 1.5% of Bayrou’s votes to Fillon and another 1% went lost Ed. Notes, he didn’t bank it all

2 – The Fighting and independent judiciary has sent police to break into the Front National headquarters in Nanterre, doing searches and arrest the head of the guards of the Marine Corps, Légier, as well as his secretary-factotum, Catherine Griset. The charge is a bit ‘similar to the one that ruined the candidate Fillon: the Le Pen would have paid the two employees with European funds, while she had no right because those were used in France and not in Brussels. The difference with the scandal of Fillon is not a question here of “fictitious jobs” as in the case of the wife and son of Fillon but real employees; this story is known for months; Marine complains that it’s common law to pay the two with the funds she receives from the EU for her workers while Strasbourg says that no, those two have only worked for the party – to the point that she refused to recast and therefore the EU deducts each month a portion of her fee of MEP. A certain smell of pretext stands on all this business since last December, when the French public prosecutor – experiencing some friends newspapers (the prosecution) – opened a case against the FN candidate for “Escroqueries en organisée bands, faux et usage de faux et travail dissimulé “: conspiracy, as well. “En organisée bands”, like the mythical Bonnot gang.

This, while Paris is put on fire by gangs of thugs.

Today a certain stench of exploitation is the acceleration lever and clamor, so to speak, that the valiant magistrates gave the thing (in coincidence with the growing surveys to Marine), with a police raid on the headquarters of the party “looking for documents “and the arrest of two employees for no reason other than to make the headlines and news: so much so that the bodyguard was released after a few hours, while the Griset is still in jail. For weeks the accusers bombard the secretary of questions like when she went away in Brussels, why she did not go in the hotel? ( “I am a guest of friends”); or “because her car has never seen in the parking lot of the Europarliament? ( “I’ve always entered in the car of the congresswoman Le Pen”). Something that in the Italians evokes such memories of Clean Hands, with the deep differences that strike you: here we have turned the millions, beyond the Alpes the investigators cling to details that would be called miserable in Rome.

Marine Le Pen accused Olaf Schulz and of having organized the big trap. Olaf is not a Viking, but the “Office européen de lutte contre la fraude”, the EU body that just a week ago he had sent to two media, Marianne and Mediapart, the extracts of the indictment against Le Pen. Martin Schulz is the former President of the European Parliament; according to Le Pen it was he to turn them against Olaf. She had already sued the Olaf in Belgium about the whole thing.

Even Schulz, which now threatens the chancellery to Merkel, is accused of embezzlement (he used the funds of parliament for his election campaigns), shopping sprees (use of private aircraft to 20,000 euro per hour, dinner with co-workers in luxury restaurants) and to have established a “Stalinist cronyism system” in Parliament, but has not been charged by Olaf, but by the chairman of the audit committee on expenditure and oddly, the story did not damage him in the polls, nor did he suffer police raids.

There are candidates who endorse the system, and therefore are more sympathetic to the media, judges – and also to the Rothschild. You have to be “pro-Europeans”, that’s the point. And in France, it is the candidate of the Rothschild who must win.

Obviously, after the two facts mentioned above, the “markets” have calmed. With the prospect of the Le Pen victory that promises exit from the euro, the spread of French bonds over the Germans grew. Now it fell.

As this scandal mounted if Marine loses, it is still early to tell. According to Jacques Sapir, “it is unlikely that its image will suffer” because in the deal assembled by European authorities, “if you complain about the shortcomings of European rules, it can not be accused of personal enrichment”. Rather. It turns out that, to retrieve the taken or stolen goods, the EU has taken to the FN “nominated its entire portfolio of general expenses” and “half of his parliamentary allowance, ie 7400 euro on euro 10.4000 perceived as normal.” In short, the Le Pen is surviving, and making, traveling, doing politics, campaigning, with 3000 euro per month. We face the comparison with our italian politicians. The political parasites’ one of the episodes that clearly shows one thing: the oligarchy feels in danger, and then throws the mask, plays dirty, does not pretend “democracy.” It doesn’t spare you any meanness.

Editor’s note

Dear Readers, this is Blondet’s perspective on Marine LePen’s “scandal”, the real scandal is how the judiciary and the police help these masons who want to have the servant Macron as President, they must refuse such attacks or do them also against the other candidates. I believe LePen will win and I also believe Fillon will go on finale, Macron lost partially Bayrou’s votes, it means people sniff he’s “the man of the rich”  “l’homme de riches” as they call him in France and don’t trust him, at that point if they don’t want LePen, Fillon is better. Fillon is better for many other reasons in any case and Bayrou’s case means that the votes are not something that belong to the candidate who takes them that he can give them to whom he likes.

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