Dear Trevor Phillips, it isn’t over-sensitivity that prevents people to talk openly about race but the judges who arrest the ones who do not comply with their political – lefty – part. ‘No hiding from language police’ Trevor Phillips ‘branded racist’ | UK | News |

I don’t put it on political correctness, whatever it means, in reality it’s the judges who arrest or block people who don’t talk political correct because they are politically committed on the Left, the hate speech laws must be abolished, in particular Tony Blair’s laws that stated that a word is offensive if a person perceives it as offensive, moreover the judges do not apply hate speech laws also to the immigrants or the white leftists who are actually free to abuse, insult and even incite to hatred towards the right, the Black Lives Matter is  a hate group, the impression is that the judges do what they like, in Italy they have prohibited a rightwing party to call clandestine immigrants “clandestine” because it bears a negative connotation, this means that you cannot say you’re against illegal immigration because they want to prohibit to give a negative connotation to the phenomenon, actually you should  say you like it or shut up. The establishment we are fighting and when I say we I mean Marine LePen, Trump, me, Bannon and probably even Queen Elizabeth, is satanic, they are really satanists who want to use the masses of immigrants to destroy western nations and impose the NWO, while some nobles look like they’re in, Charles and Camilla, the Queen’s invitation to Trump’s America in the Commonwealth is a sign that she wants to defend western civilization. We are fighting, as Saint Paul said, against the forces of the air, that means demons, and I found out unwillingly through a kabalah gone in an unexpected direction, that, even if Queen Elizabeth seems against the anti-western civilization agenda, some nobles are definitely in the occult as Icke and Jones say, and this, maybe they didn’t even choose it and I don’t know till what point they are free to choose to exit, I don’t justify but only Our Lord can judge, in my video I apologize for being too quick and easy with pushing kabalah for some aspects  are not often explained, though to know how it is is better than not to know. We are fighting against demons Trevor, they want to block free speech for imposing the anti-western agenda accusing of racism people who say “I don’t like this”. We must help Salvini, LePen, Wilders and Trump, because they are the candidates of the anti-sect, the ones not chosen by the sect. I am glad and a bit astonished at Elizabeth II, though I found out some of the things David Icke said are true, and till tonight I had my eyes wide open for the findings, all obtained through kabalah no eye witness, no one to shoot or to hang at the black friars bridge, well it is evident that the Queen is fighting on the side of western civilization. She is pro Brexit and pro Trump, and I hope she’ll be kind to Marine LePen and Wilders too. But first we must put them in power. So, Trevor, it’s the hate speech laws that must be changed, free speech must be protected and hate speech cannot be “I don’t like clandestine immigration”  or  “I don’t want my country to become a muslim country” and it’s already hate speech etc.

Nonetheless I can see our fight is producing victories. We must insist until we win totally. The West must be for the western way of life, christian western. God help us.

FORMER Equality and Human Rights Commission chairman Trevor Phillips said he knew political correctness had gone mad they day he was accused of racism.

Source: ‘No hiding from language police’ Trevor Phillips ‘branded racist’ | UK | News |


I don’t want you to be impressed at what I say, Kabalah is good because it explains why bad things or good things happen, the problem is that some people teach kabalah without telling the whole truth, for example I’ve been too light in telling people to change name ’cause the shock of identity crisis may be too big, though some names really bring bad luck. To know is always better than not to know.

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