Obviously it’s the judges’ fault. The judge who didn’t punish the non white man who spat at the white baby is 100% guilty, like the judges who try actively to block LePen and Fillon, like the judges in Texas who oblige the state to finance abortions like the italian judges who allowed the immigration crisis. I know, this is why blacks and asians who are honest must vote Rightwing the same.


Italian Judges, it’s their direct fault if there is the refugee crisis from Africa: they declared the immigration law that prohibited smuggling people to Italy, and that was functioning since ten years, as “unconstitutional” after that the invasion began.

Look, blacks and asians who love justice must vote rightwing the same, it’s the judges’s fault if Europe is in this condition and they can remember too how nice it was till 10 or 15 years ago; the judge who didn’t punish the non white who spat at the white baby is 100% guilty, and I can tell you that lefty judges are doing it on purpose, if there is the immigration crisis it’s because the italian lefty judges declared the law that prohibited smuggling people to the italian shores “unconstitutional” the week after this the immigration crisis from Africa began, it was all clearly concerted, they’re all in this together, the judges who try to arrest Soros’s and Rothschild’s enemies, for example in France they are shamelessly targeting the rightwing candidates lePen and Fillon and not teh leftwing ones, because they are in that together, they are 100% guilty of the refugee and immigration crisis.

The only solution is to insist voting right-wing and campaigning for the political Right, also the blacks and the asians if they want to keep a bit of decency in western countries must vote right wing, in Texas the lefty judges pulled down a law that cut public funds to the abortion clinics. That’s it, they want to do the rulers, all the laws the Left, aka the tool of the zionists, doesn’t like, they try to declare it unconstitutional. They should be shot. In Italy we live in a permanent communist judicial golpe since 1992 broken only by the Berlusconi period.

I am sorry if I offended black and non white people in general in the post before this, but do me a favour: vote Rightwing too, vote LePen, Wilders, now, then Salvini, Paul Golding when it’s their turn, we can save it; remember that the enemy is the Left, white leftists for the first, catholic or protestant or jews, I remember it: the enemy is the Left whatever colour or official religion the leftists have. Vote LePen Wilders, Fillon. We can save it. And then, also the asians and the blacks must remember Europe in more decent conditions than it is now. Why are they supposed to justify clandestine mass immigration? Or gay weddings?

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