Honestly, I don’t like either white or black Sweden: white Sweden is too gay, black Sweden is too violent. This is where you end up when you cut off Rightwingers from Society. The skinheads in the 90ies where above both the white leftists and the black thugs. I know what I’m saying.

Oh dear, they made the roman salute, now they take it in the bottom instead. And they teach their own boys that to take it in the bottom with a bit of vaseline is “love” and gay marriage, equal marriage,  – very equal indeed – that they perform in that circus that’s the official church of Sweden. Because let’s be clear, outside the Sweden Democrats white swedish culture is shit, and black swedish culture is the mirror image shit, while the whites teach and send to jail who disagrees men to piss sitting and gay marriage is the same as hetero etc. the black thugs do rape and think it’s normal as Paul Joseph Watson showed in the video I link below. But before watching the video, I have to comment, in the video there is a migrant accused of rape who posted on facebook his reaction – he laughed at the accusation of the victim – the impression is that these people think that to rape is normal and they do not fear the justice or the police. I don’t believe that to go on saying don’t take migrants to defend gay weddings is the right option, you must get rid with both migrants AND gay weddings, ok? If it is not ok at this point it’s your fault.

Look, they say the skinheads were anti semites, yes, and they were even right with some exception; the jews are leading the left everywhere and the skinheads were clever enough to know it, also in Sweden it’s the jews who play the pipe and they know it. Can you remember that tale “The Pied Piper” that in Italy we call the magic piper? who is in your opinion the piper of all these leftists who being white and born in christian families go on bashing on the whites and opening the door to refugees and muslims? It’s obviously jews and israelis, idiots! In Sweden, and anywhere else, in Italy, in oh, Germany not to mention France. I hate them. It is true that there are jews in the Sweden Democrats but it is also true that the pied piper who’s bringing all the lefty children in the wood to their destruction is a jew, I told you many times.


Poor lefty kids.

So, do you want to see Paul Joseph Watson’s video? Here it is:

As for me, if you want to know if I’m concerned because I say it plainly it’s the jews? I dedicate this: I don’t care, I’m not scared:

I’d go anywhere.


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