Go on like this, don’t vote Britain First or BNP, take spittings by asians…Why should you vote Britain First or BNP? Love Trumps Spittings and you are a compassionate country, that’s concerned about the values, that Trump and Britain First menace that you may not be spat at anymore…the BBC is the equivalent of the vaseline for you know what. 

Asian pig, as some say the hybrid human-pig was already invented, the scientists didn’t do anything new, well this non white pig spat at a 9 months old baby saying “white people shouldn’t breed” then he gets sued by the mother and the judges, the lefty fucking judges obviously, release him without making him pay any jail term.

The mother starts her defense, because you can see it’s she on the defensive not him, with the unbearable sentence “I’m not a racist”.

Now you know I’m Italian and we Italians turn everything into politics: vote BNP or Britain First, kick these scum out of the country. You are ending up like Sweden and the Telegraph has already decided that in Sweden crime is not related to immigration against the data of the swedish police that say 80% of the crimes are committed by immigrants.

The BBC is the equivalent of the vaseline for the male prostitutes, you know what: fuck you, vote Right wing or die and no, fascism is not worse than this, not even if there were the real fascists I would tolerate this, that foreigners can spit at you in the face and you shouldn’t vote rightwing “not to be a fascist”.

In France Marine LePen, in Britain Paul Golding.

Paul, the two of us need look no more.

Rezzas Abdulla left little Layla-Jean, who was just nine months old and in her pushchair, covered in saliva after the shocking afternoon street attack in South Shields last January.

Source: Race-hate attacker spat into a 9-month-old BABY’S face | Daily Mail Online

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