Do you see what I mean when I say the skinheads in the 90ies were right? Jews accuse people of antisemitism until they don’t obey them totally, the only answer is “fuck off to israel and shut up, no one forces you, to live here, certainly not I”. Anne Frank Center director blames Trump for anti-Semitism | Daily Mail Online

Trump is antisemite, no matter the jewish grandchildren raised by their jewish father in the religion without Christ, the little ones are not christened, the boy is circumcised, but according to the jewish lobby he’s antisemite. Do you know why? because he doesn’t obey them, now they want also Bannon sacked, after obtaining the sacking of Flynn, who was good and I esteem him, but Flynn didn’t want the jewish organized neocons wars and they accused him without anything illegal had happened. Do you know why? It is clear that according to their f****g Talmud,the “goym”, Trump included, should be, I quote them, the slaves of the jews, actually they accuse people of antisemitism until they don’t obey them totally and blindly. Trump is not antisemite, but he doesn’t obey them, ergo for them this is an affront, I am antisemite really, with some exceptions.

I am glad Miss Buatta is not sacked from the position of president of the Students Union, don’t sack her. Go on like this.

Jews, your Talmud is shit, 100% blaspheme and you know what? I hope other people will copy Marine LePen and abolish the double nationality and please, if you can’t stand freedom of speech, fuck off to Israel and shut up, no one forces you to stay in goy countries, we despise you, go to Israel, stay there and fuck off, why do you stay in the USA? Is there the promised land? The promised land wasn’t Germany or America, go away.


In this contest people who are openly antisemites are better because the jews will accuse you of antisemitism until you don’t obey them completely, this is their so-called religion which is invalidated ever since they rejected Christ as Messiah, so they’re not the Jews or the Israel of the Old Testament, they are other people who call themselves Israel and this has become clear. No matter what Trump gives them, they never talk about what he gives them or say thanks, but accuse him of antisemitism the same. Donald do not give them Jerusalem and the West Bank. The Palestinians respect you more.

‘His silence was deafening. His silence is why there is a cancer of anti-Semitism in the White House,’ Goldstein said, hitting Trump and his chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

Source: Anne Frank Center director blames Trump for anti-Semitism | Daily Mail Online

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