Corbyn is antisemite, Trump is antisemite, Malia Buatta is antisemite, actually the Jews accuse of antisemitism everybody who doesn’t obey them completely, included the ones who help them but without obeying them. Can you see it or not?


No matter what you do, some Jews will call you antisemite until you obey them like slaves.

Why don’t the jews say thanks to Trump? Because in their opinion the goym should be their slaves. Corbyn is against Israel and pro Palestine but likes english jews who are not double nationals, Trump is strongly pro Israel but doesn’t want to cut freedom of speech or to sack everybody the jews ask them to sack, Steve Bannon the director of Breitbart is the only one who’s got Breitbart Jerusalem linked in the home page of Breitbart and Breitbart Jerusalem is directly from Israel against Palestine, but also Bannon is antisemite. Because… because he didn’t want to send his own daughter to a jewish school and why should he? he’s not a jew. Malia Buatta is antisemite again because she’s pro Palestine. I’d like to remind the jews that I can perfectly remember that until the late nineties all the socialist politicians were pro Palestine and they were never accused of antisemitism for this, now you must be pro Israel and actually do whatever they ask you, included bombing countries or removing Mubarak under request of the israeli prime Minister or you are antisemite.

And that should be the problem.

Now look at the people accused: Buatta, Bannon, Corbyn, even Trump, they have nothing in common but the accusation of antisemitism, Trump is pro Israel but against limiting free speech and censorship which is what the jewish organizations want: he’s antisemite, Buatta is against Israel but she’s clearly palestinian or arab, Bannon wasn’t thanked not even once for having Breitbart Jerusalem, written directly by israelis, they want to get rid of him for other reasons, because he’s not a slave of theirs, probably. These people are weird and they’ll lose it all, yesterday I was thinking that Israel is not a normal country because the jews don’t really want to live there, when the pioneers reached America they settled in America, conquered and in some cases did buy the land from the natives with regular contracts then set up the United States, they wanted to live there, in Israel they’re making a war for the settlements and in the end the jews who want those houses are double nationals who live there three months, maybe, per year, then they want the full civil rights to break the balls in Europe or USA, now tell me if it is acceptable to make a war for the holiday houses, or to make the military service for another state during the holidays, at least the Palestinians who are arabs would live there really, they feel at home, the jews want it, but then want to go away, they don’t really like to stay there, without double nationality Israel would disappear. Why don’t they say thanks to Bannon for Breitbart Jerusalem? Why don’t they say thanks to Trump for his pro Isreal stance? Because they are detached from the rest of humanity, nasty, evil and want slaves, they want the others to obey them and this must never be accepted. What do they want? Three things: bombing Iran and Syria removing Putin, therefore they kicked away Flynn; hate speech laws in the West that amount to censorship of any criticism or even dissent to their “agenda for the goym”; mass immigration from Africa and Asia to western countries to destroy the christian laic West.

Now this Goldstein why doens’t he move to Israel settles there and lives there? Because he, like the other jews, doesn’t really like it, unlike the Palestinians who really like to live there because they are arabs and feel at home in the Middle East, he wants to stay in the Genteels’ countries and break the balls and be obeyed while prohibiting to the arabs to live in Israel and have in Israel the same rights he has in America or claims “for the refugees”, always in America of course, and keeps the double nationality for himself and his likes, why don’t they corner them all these jews? Why don’t they tell them “sign this petition for Israel to give full civil rights to the Palestinians like you jews have in America”? I hope someone fuck them off: either Isreal or another country. I’m not even anti-zionist if they really went away they would be doing me a favour, but they don’t, they must be put back at the wall, and be deprived of the double nationality.

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