Marine LePen is right in denying the israelis the french nationality: they are disgusting, this Azaria is a french jew on killing holiday in Palestine and he got only a miserable 18 months jail for murder. Where are the jews crying for the human rights?

Another reason why the french arabs should vote LePen: she’s the only one who says the israeli nationals must not have the french nationality: they are animals.

This horrible man is a french jew on killing holiday in Palestine and Marine LePen is damningly right in depriving him and his likes of the french citizenship. Now he can stay there in the Middle East forever, in Europe we don’t want them. I’m sorry for the Palestinians. And apropos, where are all the jews outraged for the human rights? He killed a wounded man who didn’t set ANY danger to him and to the other soldiers, because the jews consider the palestinians animals, moreover he was sentenced 18 months, which is an extremely low sentence for murder of a person who does not pose any threat to you, because the homicide was caught on camera, otherwise they would set him free or even make an applause to him. The christians who help these jews are idiots  and in any case all european countries and America and Australia must abolish the double nationality with Israel. We don’t want you here, you’re not a european, now stay there.

An Israeli soldier who executed a wounded Palestinian attacker has been sentenced to one and a half years in prison in a military trial that has deeply divided Israel.

Source: Israeli soldier gets 18 months in prison for executing wounded Palestinian attacker in Hebron

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