Hate Speech against the Jews…well they should start publicly apologizing to the rest of humanity for what’s written in the Talmud, the only book that manages to be more racist than the Mein Kampf and I’m not joking. As for Ivanka converted to Judaism what she did is in fact to renegade Jesus Christ, that’s what they call conversion to Judaism.

If you read the Talmud and the Main Kampf, the Talmud is worse: there are so many insults to the non Jews, that even the fantasy of the punishments is twisted, kind of “dirty”. I believe the Talmud was long kept for “initiated only” because if the non Jews had read it they would go and kill the Jews, in times when they weren’t protected at all. Now they the Jews complain about hate speech, I don’t mind, the Jews must publicly apologize for what’s written in the Talmud against the non Jews; it divides humanity between jews and non-jews and then starts insulting in a very debasing way and with a twisted, wicked and dirty fantasy all the non jews who are collectively called goym and the Talmud invokes their extermination, they didn’t do it because we are too many, in Palestine the israeli soldiers feel free to target pregnat women and are told by talmudic rabbis that to kill the non jews is like killing animals, so, some of them even believe the teachings of this hell book. Ivanka “converted to Judaism” to marry that man, Jared, conversion to Judaism from christian amounts de facto to renegading Jesus Christ, they could spare us from attempting to convince the others in Trump’s administration to respect the Sabbath, we go to the disco or the pub, the holy day is Sunday.


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner try to convince the others in the Trump Team to respect Sabbath. And why? We are christians, it’s not that I don’t like the weekend, I do, but for us christians the holy day is Sunday, Saturday is for fun & Co Saturday Night’s fever and assimilated.

I never understood people who convert for marriage, it’s not that if you change boyfriend you change religious convictions.

But what I understand even less is the evangelical american christians who “support Israel” no matter if the israelis dislike the christians and Jesus Christ, they shouldn’t help them they’ve got convictions that do not stand the proof of christian morality: the Jews have rejected and do not respect Jesus Christ Our Lord and they should avoid them, leave them alone instead of helping them exterminating the Palestinians, they have no mandate about the Holy Land whatsoever, may they avoid messing up. Helping too much the jews and the Israelis is lack of respect towards Jesus Christ Our Lord. Other than towards the arabs who had done nothing against the evangelical americans and find themselves with these idiots fighting on the side of jews who despise them openly. Overtly. But the evangelicals go on helping the ones who despise them. Smell your coffee, evangelicals, who told you you’ve got this obligation towards the people who insult continuously Our Lord? And who despise openly even you and call for the enslavement of the christians in Israel as servants of the Jews. I quote them. They deserve antisemitism. You evangelicals and Co. haven’t got to kill them, but you must avoid them, tell them that Jesus Christ is the Lord, testify the Christ and then shake the sand from off your sandals about them when they refuse Him, God knows what He has to do, He blatantly doesn’t want to give the Holy Land to the jews who do not recognize His Son as Messiah, if He had wanted to give the Holy Land to the Jews the arab-israeli war wouldn’t last 80 years after one year and half He would have given them.


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