François Bayrou and why everybody wants his votes. The Left tries to convince him to step down to convey his votes on Macron. Nothing new?


François Bayrou was asked by Macron’s team to please remove himself from the race, to try to convey his votes on Macron.

French presidential Elections, why everybody asks Bayrou? Well François Bayrou is the President and candidate of the Party “Democratic Movement”, MoDem, pro EU, apart the absurdity that a Democratic movement is pro EU which is anti-democratic, the Left on the side of Macron are asking him to step down to try and convey his votes on Macron at the first turn already, since if he reaches the second turn he may attract the MoDem votes, so why asking Bayrou now? For fear of a LePen-Fillon finale.

I believe Macron is not a strong candidate, just this, they opened dossiers on his main rivals, and now try to convince another one to step down before the first turn, I’m afraid this candidate endures the political fight with too much “little help”, he’s blatantly “a candidate on steroids”: his muscles are puffed up, they want to make him look stronger than he really is. Bayrou will tell the world tomorrow if he steps down to help poor little Macron, never elected anywhere, who now should go from Nowhere to the Elysée, directly, in business class, thanks to: the police, the judges, the EU, the Rothshcilds… asking the others to remove themselves from the race…look Emmanuel, didn’t they tell you at your fitness room that too much steroids are bad for health? If you can do it, you can do it, if not, you can’t fight alone, you know.

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