OpinionLab: LePen first with 27%, Fillon and Macron the same with 20%. But LePen’s chances to gain victory at the second turn rise. While IFOP is more left-leaning and gives LePen 26 and Macron a +0.5% that the other poll doesn’t give…


First round poll of 20 Feb. 2017: LePen’s line is the black rising up. Macron and Fillon are the same, but Fillon is fighting also against the judges.

fillonlepenmalepen2According to Opinion Lab, the French are not scared of voting LePen any longer, neither at the first nor at the second turn, in fact not only it gives her a 27% of the votes at the first turn, but the chances to win both against Macron and Fillon rise, Macron loses chances to win at the second turn, he goes from 65% to mere 58% in just two weeks, while the chances of Fillon to win against LePen go down from 61% two weeks ago to 56% now.

Source Opinionlab 

So the “fear” of LePen, the impulse to vote for “the other candidate” is disappearing fast. Look at the beautiful graphics, in one month she may win the second turn too, her line is always rising, while the other two candiates’s lines are falling at the second turn.

Another opinion poll by IFOP, gives LePen at 26% and Macron at a +0.5%, so it would mean a slightly more leftleaning group of interviewed citizens. I can’t see the second turn round because the page of that website didn’t load. But I quite like this opinion poll more, probably they happened to interview more rightwing citizens.

Madame LePen can become President of France this is clear, her numbers are rising both at the first round and at the second.

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