Freemason Service at England’s Mother Church on Same Day as Consecration to Virgin Mary in Westminster Cathedral. And why they’re both wrong: they just skip as much as they can the Lord.

I’ve got sympathy for the catholics certainly much more than for freemasons, but I can’t fail  noticing that while condemning freemasonry’s usage of the word Jahbulon for God, which it is a mix of Jahve, Baal – yes, readers, Baal – and such On, a place or a demon, they do not worship God, Jahve and Our Lord Jesus Christ themselves. I come from Southern Italy, the insistence with the Virgin Mary, getting on the knees in front of an ugly statue, repeating rosaries won’t get them any further than Southern Italy in the worst conditions and South America; but they don’t seem to get it: they must pray Jesus Christ, and the Father, this is what they must do and call the Holy Spirit.

As for freemasonry, the Duke of Kent is there to testify the real religion of the Royal Family, no one seems interested in the Lord Jesus Christ anymore, they fear him, I suppose, and I suppose that if they fear him they’ve got some reasons…

The Duke of Kent must be one of those gay nobles who backed gay weddings and the gender, they’re all disgusting and depraved but William and Harry, probably the only straight guys in the whole Royal Family, thanks to Diana who kept them away from certain disturbing noble rituals that ruined Charles, so it is rumoured.

Gay weddings must be abolished, tell the nobles, a sodomization of a boy is not a first night marriage. If they like sodomy and fear the God that condemns them, it’s certainly not us who have to pay for it. We don’t judge them, but God already knows what He has to do with them, and with us too.

It was obvious that the gay movement had rich upper class supporters, after all, and that the Church of England is pressured by such people: I am disgusted, they say that in France Fillon is against gay weddings, another reason why the French may vote him. Without having nothing against LePen, but lately in Italy, deep in crisis and recession, it was found that the lefty Gentiloni government, also Gentiloni is half noble btw, gave state money to a gay club for homosexual prostitution…Welby must decide if he wants to worship God and send the Duke of Kent to hell or stays there pretending not to see and not to understand. On the catholic side, someone may open their mind about the fact that their obsession with the Virgin Mary is a way to skip Jesus Our Lord. Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mary are not peers, idiots, I can’t stand them too. Mary will “save” you the way she could save Sicily or Argentina, it’s just “always better than Islam” but it’s not exactly 100% correct. Moreover it is reported that in the Vatican they do push the catholics to pray Mary continuously ’cause they follow a pagan ritual of worshipping a Mother Goddess, a female pagan divinity, that they sell to the innocent, though a little dumb, catholics as Mother of Jesus just to make it more acceptable. Pray God. All the worship you direct at the Virgin Mary direct it at the Lord Creator, Our Father and Jesus Christ Our Lord. Try. You can do it.

As for the masons, I believe they know what they’re doing, they are more evil, but less clueless.

Source: Freemason Service at England’s Mother Church on Same Day as Consecration to Our Lady

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