You make Rallies, We Govern; how the Centre-Right governments are making the difference wherever they rule, from the USA to Denmark: Danish Parliament Passes Resolution to prohibit to make Danes become a minority in Danish communities. Vote Rightwing and you’ll reap what you seed: protection for yourself and your culture.

Denmark is setting an example for the Netherlands, France and if they listen, Sweden, the Danish Parliament passed a law that makes it impossible to outnumber the Danes, the Danes must not be outnumbered by non western immigrants and not with the excuse of settling refugees. This comes in an era where Christmas decoration and songs were prohibited not to upset the muslim refugees in Norway and even in some Italian schools or at the italian post offices where, until last year, there were the Christmas decoration and this year there were none, for example. It is an achievement of the Centre-Right coalition giving a good example, the Centre is a good ally of the Right, and this makes the situation peaceful, in other countries the Right can win but it is sort of isolated and this is not good, it’s better when the Centre forms the government with the Right. So, now it is prohibited that the muslim immigrants or refugees can impose their culture over the danish culture. I’d like to add one thing, Denmark is relatively small and Danish is spoken almost only by the Danes, for the rest they share the western christian or white western christian identity. I can’t see how to help the poor the leftists can really ask the invasion of a relatively small country like Denmark: we must state that to help the poor one can send money to Africa and Asia, taking immigrants or refugees is not a way to help the poor. End of. Unless they come from a boundary-line country that’s at war.

The Folketing, Denmark’s unicameral parliament, has passed a resolution stating that Danes should not become minorities in Danish communities, as figures show the migrant and migrant-descended population are now a majority in Brøndby Strand and Odense. “Parliament notes with concern that today there…

Source: Danish Parliament Passes Resolution to Ensure Denmark Stays Danish

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