It’s not my fault if Mussolini told the truth: also the NGO SOS Racism that’s fighting in France against the Police pro immigrants was founded by..a jew communist, mason and israeli – pro war in the Middle East – Bernard Henry levy. Mussolini told the truth, it’s really jews communists and masons who are trying to destroy the West.

A joke may say that Hitler wanted to kill all the jews because he felt sorry for the Palestinians, and honestly I have no sympathy for these people, they disgust me more, they are truly ridiculously double faced; you may imagine the people of SOS racism to be concerned about racism and in reality they are concerned about humiliating the police, blocking the people from voting Right wing and importing more clandestine immigrants possibly black and asian to Europe and the founder of this other NGO, like Medicines Sans Frontiers and Amnesty is again another fucking jew, communist, mason and pro Israel and pro neo-cons war in the Middle East: Bernard Henry Levy.


Why the fucking anti-racists are all fucking jews and communists but pro Israel and/or israeli nationals? I hope they get killed, I don’t give a fuck about them, about the Holocast and about their fucking Israel.


The founder of SOS Racism talks to his fucking rabbi. They must not be given the Holy Land. I don’t recognize Jerusalem to this shit. They must take immigrants and arabs in Tel Aviv. I don’t give a fuck about antisemitism, the antisemites are morally one hundreds steps above the fucking jews. There’s not even a derogatory term for jew, jew is derogatory in itself.

It’s true and it’s not my fault if Mussolini said it: there’s a pluto-judaic-masonic plot to destroy Europe, yes: pluto means the banks, judaic that the leaders are all jews and masonic that the minions non jews are all sworn masons, that’s it. The jewish bankers are the Rothschilds, George Soros and Goldman Sachs people, the masons are fucking Boldrini, Renzi, Juncker, Hollande & Co. the jews are the communists pro Israel like Henry-Levy, or like the israeli double nationals who fight against Trump, LePen and bring like a bunch of human traffickers black people to Europe, because in Europe there was no SOS racism, there weren’t the blacks, the jewish masons did bring the blacks, did create the situation and they did create the NGOs against racism and against the Police and the right-wing patriotic parties, all this while being pro fucking Israel and israeli nationals themselves.

I hope some one will kill them all. I hate them, Mussolini was right.


He told the truth, because this is the truth: it is really a judiac-masonic plot kept up by the plutocracy of the jewish banks,  you cannot change it.

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