I’d like Nicola Sturgeon to do the Indepence Referendum, to lose it and then to resign: she’s doing political terrorism calling for Indepence Referendums just to block Brexit; she must be put back at the wall: promise that if you lose the referendum you resign.

What Nicola Sturgeon is doing is political terrorism, and I’m not joking, she “menaces” “threatens” to hold the Independence Referendum only to try to block Brexit, but thinking that she won’t lose anything anyway: she cannot create these political earthquakes risking personally nothing, actually there’s no massive scottish movement gathering signatures for a petition to hold a second referendum, the Scots are waiting to see if the New Brexit trade deals will economically benefit them too, before eventually decide, after one or two years maybe, if really another referendum would benefit them, but she no, she promises referendums like a thunder. And I say, how many signatures did you gather to have another referendum? None, because the Scots are cunning and before splitting from the UK they do want to see if all this flood of money and jobs opportunities due to the new trade deals will reach them too, Apple’s CEO said Britain will improve its economic performance and people who know the hell and the mess there actually is at the EU know its’ true. She Nicola must be put herself back at the wall, you cannot create political earthquakes like this, if you do the referendum, but the Scots are not interested in leaving the UK you must resign from politics forever.

If I were a Scot, I would never dream to do a referendum now, because it’s a timing that doesn’t make sense, it would make sense only, if Scotland is not economically benefited by Brexit to do one in two years, but if you do it now, you won’t be able to do another next year because you can’t make independence referendums every year. So, if she does it, but the Scots are not interested in Scotexit she must resign. I’m fed up with this woman.

A SECOND referendum on Scottish independence is just “weeks away” from being called, with a vote expected next year, according to a ‘Yes’ campaign group.

Source: Nicola Sturgeon to call Scotland independence referendum ‘IN WEEKS’ | UK | News | Express.co.uk

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