Dear French and Dutch, it’s your turn, please vote Rightwing and form Centre-Right Governments like in Denmark: it’s the only way to make these streets violence stop and the Americans support LePen video-evidence. VIDEO: French Police Flee Armed Mob as Week-Long Paris Riots Spread to City Centre » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


Unbearable african mobs: deport these people to Africa where the cops are all blacks and cannot be racist – I’m not joking – I can’t stand these neverending accusations of racism any longer, send these people back where the authorities, the state-officers and police officers are black too aka Africa.


French and Dutch, in Middle March and April it’s your turn to turn the screw in the coffin of the NWO, the Britons and the Americans have decided well, freedom and National values, now, you must do the same, I beg you: vote LePen/Wilders and Fillon and do form Centre-Right Governments like in Denmark it’s the only way to make streets violence, fuelled by the leftists, end. All these africans must be deported to Africa where the cops are black, so when they riot they’ll be beaten by black cops and there won’t be any racism – I’m not joking, african police is notoriously tough and since they’re all blacks both the rioters and the police officers there’s no racism: you must really deport them there in agreement with the african states where these people come from, because if the problem is we the whites, the white french or dutch policemen, if the blacks are so good, they must pay their own words and do face the black police officers in the african states. I am not joking. Also Diane Abbott, she claimed this morning that she fears white men, may she go to Africa and stay with black men if she really thinks the whites are worse. All these anti-white people must face the “real” black power in Africa, the black state power and eventually complain with the authorities, all blacks, from there. I am sick of the anti-whites, if I’m sick of something. As you can see the Centre-Right alliance works very well, vote Rightwing and do it too.

So, we’ll have USA, Denmark, Hungary and if we add also Holland and France it starts looking like an empire. A friendly rightwing empire in the West. I beg you Dutch and French vote Rightwing and then make the alliance Rutte-Wilders in Holland and Fillon-LePen in France, like Trump-Pence in the USA and Rasmussen Thulesen-Dahl in Denmark plus Orban in Hungary. When I say that the american patriots support LePen I’m not lying, I give you the link to this Infowars article and Alex Jones, the most influential american broadcaster who made together with Breitbart the victory of Trump – and also together with me and other rightwing and independent internet editors – pushed also Brexit and calls LePen “France’s Trump”, even if you don’t understand english I can assure you he’s saying good things about LePen.

As for the Lords in Britain, I please, what do you want to send the Brexit Bill back to the Commons for? Read Alan Greenspan’s prediction-information that the euro is over and it is about to collapse and the big investors, and he knows them very well, are buying Gold, you must do your duty and do detach Britain from the EU now. Or you don’t even trust Greenspan, other than not rusting Farage, Boris Johnson, Lord Lawson, me, Trump and Alex Jones? The real situation is that the EU is collapsing and I’m glad Greenspan says it clearly that it is for the eurozone’s fault, so consequently it is NOT for Marine LePen’s or Geert Wilders’ fault, get over it. Or if you block Brexit and Britain remains entangled with a collapsing building everybody will say it’s your fault and they’ll happen to be true and finally they will wipe you out of the british history once and for all with all your wigs. By the way, the Commons have already voted and have already thought about it.

French police have been filmed fleeing from armed mobs as riots continue.

Source: VIDEO: French Police Flee Armed Mob as Week-Long Paris Riots Spread to City Centre » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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  1. Wilders already was in power in the Netherlands, providing support for the centre-right government. He failed to provide on all these issues you mention. Why would he deliver this time?


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