Trump must get rid of Israel.

“Paul Emmerson 18 Feb 2017 10:14PM

There is an explanation to all things Trumpian. Bear with me.

The American deep state (CIA most obvious part) relies on Cold War 2 for its budget and existence. CW2 has US/Saudi/Israel on one side and Russia/Iran on the other.

Trump is an outsider and hasn’t got with the story yet. He naively thinks that by getting along with Russia they can work together to defeat terrorism. Sorry says Deep State, no can do. First we need Russia as an enemy, and second we don’t want to wipe out ISIS. They are funded and armed by Saudi, our ally, and their defeat would mean Iranian backed Assad as Israel’s neighbour and more influence generally for Russia/Iran in the region.

So the Deep State is trying to discredit Trump by portraying him as Russia’s patsy. His anger at the last press conference was authentic and his arguments were correct. But he will lose. The Deep State is stronger than him.”

This comment was the very interesting thing found on the comment board of a very stupid article by the Telegraph idiot Janet Daley against Trump, but I’m glad to have clicked on it for reading this. Thanks Paul for saying it so clearly. By the way Trump must get rid of the Israelis and of his son in law too, the israeli double nationals ARE the problem of the american deep state and also of the anti Russia obsession, and of fake ISIS terror attacks: do not trust them ever, get rid of them, nevermind Hitler, they are twisted seriously, also the Montenegro thing seems inflated and Montenegro is a colony of that strange type of Nat Rothschild the ex – chum of Osborne, so to say.

The conclusion of Paul is that the deep state will win, but I believe if Trump gets rid of the israelis  of and his own son in law he must win instead.

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