Fillon just closed the gap with Macron. Yesterday’s polls: LePen 26%, Fillon and Macron both 18.5% so it’s absurd he has to step down now…but his wife’s got something I don’t like: she is “the bitch”.

I don’t like Penelope Kathryn Fillon, she is the real enemy, now Fillon had done in reality something a lot of senators do, to hire family members as “personal assistants” which in France is legal, in France it is even legal that the personal assistant works from home, she the fucking envious bitch had to say, not to the judges, bu to the newspapers “I didn’t work one hour for him” and when people wanted to help her, saying “did you work from home, as a personal assistant?” she the bitch doubled down “I didn’t work one hour and not even from home”, don’t you try to tell me she’s too honest to lie, because if she had being too honest she wouldn’t sign the contract as personal assistant of the husband, the only thing she could do after a university degree in Law, she’s not the only one, Axl Rose hired his sister as personal assistant ans his sister didn’t try to ruin him, personal assistant is one of those jobs that they cannot really catch you if you don’t do it, because even sleeping with your husband may be personal assistance, I mean, she wanted to block his career, probably for envy, she’s one of those women with a university degree who fancy themselves super career women and then refuse a job offer after another, because they dream they must have more and end up marrying well and become housewives with a university degree, or in case of Mme Fillon have a contract as personal assistant of the husband. The hell will break loose when Marine LePen becomes Presidente de la Republique, and maybe she’ll be envious of LePen too.

As for the judges, why if it was so common to hire family members as personal assistants among the senators didn’t they open dossiers also on all the others who did it of all the other parties? Do you really suppose the personal assistant wife of a senator of the socialist party gets up early in the morning to do the job? Maybe now it is illegal, and certainly thanks to Mme Fillon it has become dangerous, they can ruin you even if the papers are all in order. Never hire family members and not if they’re starving, it is useless: they get envious, do not treat you like the boss, don’t do the job and think that you will not sack them.

So what? When she revealed her intentions of not working he should sack her and maybe risk divorce. I don’t like this lady. This bitch, because honestly, we are doing a lot to try and save France from the leftists, who would destroy it, and she for a little family revenge, like Diana who said at the BBC that Charles was unfit to be King and maybe she was right, and think about it, Fillon by middle name is called Charles, being his full name François Charles Amand Fillon, well this Kathryn is ready to consign France to the leftists for a revenge, maybe he had a lover or it’s just for career envy. Without diminishing Fillon’s sex appeal, I think the reason of the wife’s revenge is career envy; women like Mme Fillon at University are mediocre students who fancy themselves superwomen, induced by television sitcoms about working in a legal studio, see the one with the girlfriend of Prince Harry, or movies with those career women who looking twenty five they’ve got a super office in Manhattan and are the boss of older men than they, well, when they face normal job offers and less shining opportunities they start declining, I’m aware of what I say, once a female architect refused a job in a studio of architects because she had to answer the telephone and she didn’t want “to be the secretary”, well the studios of architects who can hire a receptionist only for answering the telephone and welcoming – no not the refugees, don’t worry – the clients must be already quite rich, but…then they find a husband who works and end up career women turned housewives, to only hate the husband and the unjust career system. But she’ll be envious of Marine LePen who’s got the same degree in law as she, is the female leader of a party and is going to be Presidente de la Republique thanks also to her.

God save us from Macron, with all the riots in Paris done by the africans, instead of taking a position on security and immigration, he started talking, badly, about the years of colonialism, a 150 years old problem, the actual problems of France he doesn’t even want to discuss them and in any case from what he said you understand he’s on the side of the rioters: he’s a coward and a dangerous anti-patriotic leftist, economically unaware of anything and inconsistent. Fillon LePen in second turn is still the best possible option. Penelope allowing it.

Look at these photographs

With this family image he was bound to win… apart from the grinning wife in the middle high photo.

Sportsman with loving wife.

I understand when David Cameron said “Samantha is probably the best thing ever happened to my life”. I can believe it. It must be something in the french republican party, and it must be these kind of things that bring the French to always say “chercher la femme” can you remember Sarkozy? The one who didn’t want him to be President was his second wife Cecilia, the one before Carla, she didn’t go to vote at the second turn, then left him in the middle of the presidency and the French had a sort of bachelor President who went round hooking models and caught Carla Bruni. The French can forgive him, I believe they’ll vote him. I mean Fillon.

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