Dear Mark – Rutte – have you seen that Amnesty International condemned your letter “Act normally or leave”? First, what does make Amnesty think they can judge the others? Second, make the alliance with Wilders, the leftists would treat you like him, or like Fortuyn or like Theo Van Gogh, if they could…


Mark Rutte and his letter

Moderate right wing, centrist politicians must get it: the enemy is the Left not the Right, Hard Right or Far Right the way you say it.

After the letter of Rutte to the Dutch as a call for integration, Amnesty International condemned it as disgusting. First of all Amnesty is a communist jewish association and what does make them think they have the role to judge the others? They lie about Syria and are implied in the human trafficking in the Mediterranean, the real enemy is the marxist jewish rich people who finance all these associations and try desperately to split the Centre from the Right to impose mass immigration to Europe, always denying the civil rights to the Palestinians in their Israel. It may be hard to swallow for some people, but the real enemy is really the Jews, it’s they who organize the Left and impose a sense of guilt and obedience to the non Jews towards the Jews, or at least they try, they even say that for Israel integration cannot be done ’cause Israel is for the Jews only, in case we rise up and try to kill them again, which if they go on like this, may even happen.

So, Mark, to all the integrated Arabs in your party say: we try to talk to him – Wilders – clearly, we stop new waves of immigration releasing relatively few passports to safe people, repatriate the illegals and the ones who don’t integrate in society and making new strict laws for acquiring the Dutch nationality, there’s no need of a total ban from a list of countries, but the number will be very low, obviously the Koran cannot be banned, moreover, if you have the Koran in your library it doesn’t even mean you’re a muslim, you’re just someone with a rich library, I mean, we are cultivated people and we do not ban books, if they have sensitive contents we put them in a specific section for scholars or for adults only, but we usually do not ban them, that’s not our culture; moreover, if the problem is tolerance and women rights, the Talmud is much worse, it says that people who are not Jews are not humans, they are “talking animals” and I would like to know how many Jews believe it really, particularly in Israel where they really treat Palestinians like non humans and say it shamelessly, in Europe they contain themselves from saying it aloud; with Wilders the Centre must find an agreement, the Left, if they could, they’d treat you and the moderate centrists like him or like Theo Van Gogh, don’t give them strength, and to the Jews, tell them they must give full civil rights to the Palestinians in Israel or fuck off from Holland, their game is over.

Explain it to the Arabs of your party, there won’t be a Koran ban, but a massive slow down on immigration and repatriations of unfit people. Or Holland will stop existing really, like Palestine. Pretty much.

What I mean is that we must set clear to the Jews, who are the leaders of the left, that we haven’t got any original sin to atone taking immigrants and if we have it’s not a fucking problem of theirs, they must not be able to cash in it. We had the original sin of Adam, but that was washed through Baptism, stop, this is our culture, this is our Religion. After all, it cannot be a problem of the Jews or of their lefty minions if we are bad and will go to hell. May they think about their own sins instead of thinking about ours…Europe we must leave it to the Westerners and for the people who, even if they come from abroad, want to live as Westerners. We have put already too many people at risk. God enlighten your mind Mark and Wilders’s mind and the liberal Arabs’s minds…forgive him, he’s scared of ending up like Pim Fortuyn, and sometimes says utter nonsense, like banning the Koran, think about me who love culture and I’m against censorship and still support him for he is definitely the minor evil, and consider that he endured the fight after two prominent homicides of right wingers – nice place the Netherlands, aren’t they? – and he is the only one who took up the job of leader of a Right wing party and doesn’t seem to live a happy life while other politicians have also fun, talk clearly to him, forgive him and set up a Centre-Right government.

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