No one feels sorry for Emma Watson, she’s not given any major role anymore because she’s…white, even her role as grown up Hermione was given to a black. We Rightwingers hate her and the lefty bosses used her, but push the blacks.You deserve it, white leftists are self haters.


Emma Watson lately looks sad or grinning even if she tries to smile…

White leftists are stupid, there’s no job for them anymore, the lefty bosses use them to push some black artist or actress, like they told Adele she had to say Beyoncée deserved the prize in her place, but then discharge them. The role of grown up Hermione is given to a black and probably the new H P with black actors won’t be succesful, fuck you, I’m not sorry, the role of Queen Mary of the Scots was given to a black jewish actress whose physical type probably at the time was nowhere to be seen in the whole of Scotland not even as a servant, Sir Julian Fellowes, who at least was clever enough to vote Brexit, is being teased because he doesn’t cast black actors for a comedy placed in England at the beginning of 20th century. I wouldn’t apologize, I have coined the category of nu-nazism, people who are not nazis but the leftists say they are because they don’t say sorry for being whites and don’t give a fuck about the BLM and the lefty bosses.

They’re all whining, the Harry Potter’s stars. So you learn, watch Millennial Woes on Internet he’s got plenty of evidences the anti-white agenda is well engined and he doesn’t give a fuck, Emma, you’re not black, for the leftists you’re over and for the rightwingers you’re not bold enough. They are using you to push the agenda, but they are slowly dropping you into artistic non-existence, they don’t even accept white actresses to play the part of english ladies of Victorian age, can’t you see it?

The lefty whites are idiots. It’s not like the Kennedy Foundation for the advancement of coloured people, the Kennedies were catholics and they wanted to be inclusive, that is, the blacks had to be included into white society not to substitute or offend the whites, now George Soros and his Open Democracy fellows are not catholics or christians they are ashekenazi jews who copy the Kennedies with a  little difference, they want to humiliate the “aryans” aka the native europeans, you too, idiot, they are doing the perverted version of the Kennedy’s foundation for the advancement of coloured people and even call racist people who say coloured people, like Cumberbatch, these kind of jews hate the whites, and hate the christians, they even say in their Talmud that the Virgin Mary was a whore and Jesus Christ is in hell “burning in his own excrements” they are horrible people and with a wicked fantasy, we were right in being antisemitic, they don’t give a damn about you too.


All the fuss about antisemitism never takes into consideration the evil and very offensive things there are written in the Talmud against all the non Jews, basically the Koran is much more respectful of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the christians than the Talmud and people must say openly that Talmudic jews are horrible people, the muslims say that christians in muslim society have to pay the jitsa, jews would kill christians altogether, if they don’t do it it’s because they can’t, if they could they would. And this is why I want to keep the West for us westerners, I’ve got no will either to pay a jitsa or to be offended or slaughtered by some f****g jews. You’re on the wrong side, Emma, get over it.

If you don’t believe it, look at how much the jews respect the non-jews in Israel, there where they are the majority, it’s easy to want inclusiveness where you are a minority isn’t it?

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