Mark Zuckerberg’s obsession with “communities” is very jewish, for all the Jews who don’t live in Israel the jewish community is their “little state”; what if my community is my Nation?


I’m sick of Zuckerberg, his letter is simply stupid, he wants globalisation and a lot of little microscopic communities, to share values and help one another etc.; what if my community is my Nation? The problem with Zuckerberg, whose letter seems written by Soros and consigned to him to be signed, is that he’s too jewish and has got a jewish non Israeli perspective. For the Jews who don’t live in Israel their little jewish community IS the state, it’s more important than the State, the State that’s inevitably, unless it is Israel, the State of the goym, in France François Fillon , the candidate the lefty judges are trying to illegally put off the race and God enlighten the French about him and about the judges…well, he fought clearly against allowing french Jews to live closed inside their own community till the point they had formed another society, with other rules, particularly about “casher” ritually slaughtered meat, now the answer of the Jews is: close yourselves into a little community too, let’s eliminate the Nation and form a lot of little microscopic communities on the model of the jewish ghetto and then abolish the nation and do the globalisation, where anyway the jews are overrepresented on top of it. But the French or the Italians or the Britons are nationalist, what if my community is my Nation? You’re a “fascist”, the community has to be little and military impotent: it hasn’t got to break the balls to the NWO. No, thanks Mark. I won’t substitute my Nation with a  small impotent community plus the non italian NWO, nor I think the French or the Germans or the Britons will do it. The jewish community is small because the jews are a small number, our christian Nations are big because we western christians are a lot. You have the ghetto, I have Italy or the French France, or the Britons Britain etc. Or, at a wider scale, the westerners the West.

In this wicked Zuckerberg’s project there is a global world with a lot of crumbles of little microscopic communities but no Nation, because the Nation’s got the military and the police to oppose the will of the NWO in case the laws of the NWO, antidemocratic always as in the EU’s case, are opposed by the citizens. The community is often what modern people run away from, it’s the neighbours who say the daughter of the baker goes around in a miniskirt and changes boyfriend too often, it can be protective but over twenty it’s good for the family gatherings at Christmas, people like the big towns and their happy “free from the community’s judgement” life, but these big towns are not the happy life big towns of the past thirty/forty years anymore due to african and asian mass-immigration, that’s why we want to stop it, because it forces us too much inside our smaller and smaller communities, and we feel suffocated, our community must be the State-Nation, people must not enter, must not be allowed to enter without our permission or if they don’t fit in and if they don’t fit in after having entered they must be expelled. So we can take back our towns.

It is a signal of the real nature of this NWO that its supporters are all billionaires with the mega walled properties, that they don’t want to share with anyone if not their strict friends. They don’t want to stroll around in town, have you seen Paris? What are the French waiting for before voting LePen? I want the sovereign Nation. That’s my community/ies: Italy-Europe-the West.

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