I’ve got little to add to this video by Paul Joseph Watson about celebrities closed in super white areas and locked in mansions/castles full of emty bedrooms who fight for the refugees to be given the council houses in the place of the white poor, if not that he forgot Zuckerberg, the worst of them all.


Paul Joseph Watson smashes down the so called celebrities  particularly when they play the good ones at other people’s expenses…

Another must watch video by Paul Joseph Watson, more influential than Emma Watson or the author of HP, about the no-borders, pro-refugees celebrities and where they really live: actually they are fighting for the refugees to be given the council houses in the place of the local poor, but keep at distance everybody who’s not rich and white from themselves, have many mansions full of empty bedrooms and wide, closed and walled, properties around where no one has to step in to walk illegally onto their lawns; he forgot Zuckerberg, but probably Z. deserves a video entirely for his own super property at the Hawaii, all walled, when he doesn’t want the local hawaiian citizens to walk on his mega-lawn, wants to force them to sell against their will and wants the private sea only for himself and the wife. Then he wrote a stupid letter on facebook, if he writes those things by himself, to call for more globalisation and unifying humanity: unify yourself with the hawaiians, Mark, why don’t you want them? F****g idiot.

Thank you Paul, brilliant, I’m waiting for the one about the Zuckerbergs…and the facts that they don’t want to unify themselves or share anything with the hawaiians while writing letters on facebook to call for more globalisation and unity among humans. Mark, pull that wall down, no-border between you and the hawaiians, fucking racist… why don’t you want the hawaiians to walk on your lawn?

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