This CIA-NSA Vs. Trump feud must end.Trump must not criticize them on twitter and I understand the irritation, but they must not take orders by former presidents or whatever else politicians or banker and co. If Trump doesn’t want to remove Assad and is pro peace with Russia they must follow the orders.


In this feud Trump vs CIA I can see the two of them have done their wrongs, yes it’s true the POTUS shouldn’t criticize the secret services on twitter but this attitude that Trump is not obeyable must cease, these people at the CIA are not elected politicians, they have their ideas but must not take orders by former presidents or John McCains or George Bushes or even worse the israeli PM and particularly if they’re jews or double nationals: they must obey Trump and accept the new peaceful line not to remove Assad and not to make a war against Russia and Boris Johnson if he wants a war with Russia he can deploy the british army for it, this going to the POTUS trying to push him against someone else must stop.

Of course certain things shouldn’t end up on twitter, twitter that maybe will have to shut down for them. Hillary must accept to have lost and the various Soros cannot substitute themselves to the legitimate powers, they are “just” billionaires nothing more and nothing else, they fancy themselves better than they really are, people don’t want their NWO and they must just cool down. Trump has to communicate with the deep state apparatus through internal secure channels, that cannot be hacked and leaked, that’s the State, but no one in the deep state must think they have an alternative loyalty to another president or billionaire of masonry or PM. If Rockefeller wants to be President of the United States he can candidate himself like Trump next elections, these people who like to play the Wizard of Oz, the one who commands but we peasants don’t know it, have lost and now try to make sense of it; this is the sense: you were arrogant and God, the Destiny, the Karma or the Chance punished you. Or simply this Matrix, someone knows how to deal with it better than you. And this time won.

CIA, FBI etc require that the President doesn’t criticise you on twitter, but then accept that this President will not do the continuation of the predecessor, he was voted for the change it’s his moral duty to deliver the change.

If you want to be respected is one thing, if you think you have to do the NWO against the will of the President, you lost the plot more than he. And then this NWO was nothing special, it’s a mess, horrible, where the few countries that used to run quite well end up worse off than Africa or sharia-Middle East, basically it had to be stopped, you cannot do that – and why should you, then? Only a cretin would like the no-border-NWO theory, it was horrible and anti-white-western-christian, in fact we “nu nazi” the white western christians were against it, in good company anyway of many black westerners who didn’t want sharia and weren’t stupid enough to believe the no-border theory and a couple of non-vindictive-against-the-whites Jews – but you can have the guarantee that you won’t be publicly critized on social media, he must give you: it’s twitter’s fault.

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