The Importance of being shameless – how in an era when it’s just too easy to spy and to leak,the only way to survive is to stop being ashamed and not to resign. Unless it’s something illegal.

Trump, the Brexiteers – “Fit in or fuck off” to the “poor” migrants – Marine LePen, have in common that they are shameless, say what they really think and move on, they don’t let the leftists dictate the “values” “be compassionate” “don’t say illegal immigrants” – and why btw? – “the EU is good” – good like Mario Draghi btw? – In a period where there are simply too many cameras around and to spy is easy, my theory is: “The most shameless will survive and then rule”. And it’s even a good thing, because the alternative is to let the blackmailers survive and rule, and the shameless are one or two steps above the blackmailers. This is why, in the end, I decided to “defend” David Beckham.

From the Importance of being Earnest, to the importance of being shameless, so, we live in a society during which it is simply too easy till the point of frequent to spy and to leak and to try to make people resign or to stop their work shaming them, even knowing they didn’t do anything illegal. But if something is not illegal, only the embarrassment must not become a way to give in, Fillon shouldn’t give in and Flynn too, and if they find you with naked photographs of yours or revenge porn, though I suggest strongly to avoid putting naked or embarrassing photographs of yours on your computer let alone internet, you must not commit suicide: we’ll be naturally selected and the most shameless will survive. I don’t resign the same. And as for that, I don’t snap naked photographs of myself.

Do you suppose you can protect your computer? No, you probably can’t, since we know the NSA computers were hacked, your own should be less protected, unless at the NSA they are utter amateurs, buy well and hope your computer is protected, but then get tough and get shameless, it’s the only way to survive, they have spied on computers supposedly ultra-protected.


Pay your taxes, for maximum security, the law has still to be respected.

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