That’s what a populist looks like! – Proud Marine LePen’s official electoral video and she gathered astonishing level of votes among the arabs who don’t want burqas and Qatar’s financed mosques and a high level of former communists’ vote. In English for YOU.


LePen’s motto “Put back France in order in 5 years” given the Paris riots, the terror attacks and the EU imposed austerity it is brilliant that honest muslims and former communists decided to…yes, you guessed to give the midfinger to the leftists and vote LePen. They’ve got what it takes and she too.

Muslims and communists vote Le Pen.
The second- and third-generation immigrants and some former French Communists will vote for Marine Le Pen. At first glance it would seem a historical oxymoron, however, everything fits perfectly with what is happening around the increasingly debated “populism” phenomenon. The National Front, for that matter, is now the first party of France (the polls are to consolidate this data every day). If this has happened it is because the overcoming of the left / right dialectic has taken root on the election fabric of the people of France, causing social groups traditionally tied to the lefty universe begin to choose Socialist Marine Le Pen as spokesman of their concerns.


As anywhere, populism can establish itself. Become, by now, overly simple to find online French stories of people with parents from Algeria, Tunisia and other former French colonies, mainly immigrants of the Muslim faith as members or sympathizers of Fn. Already during the regional elections of 2015, moreover, it turned out that 22% of French citizens of Arab origin chose the Front. Recent surveys of the newspaper La Croix so far as to predict a 26% for the upcoming consultations in April. Other, more optimistic, they say the team, led by Le Pen will be supported by 37% of second-generation Arabs (22% of whom are Muslim practitioners), from 24% of the citizens of the Central and North African origin and 20% of homosexuals. Given that leaves you amazed when one considers that in 2002, when it was Jean Marie Le Pen to get on the ballot, supporters of Fn from Arab and African countries is only attested around 8%.

Deep France, therefore, the banlieues, the suburbs away from the great centers where globalized big business has built its headquarters, regardless of geography and electoral tradition, are preparing to support with tracking shots of Marine Le Pen acclaim.

The inhabitants of those areas, in fact, suffer from the problem of security in a much more pressing way than the affluent neighborhoods. The very architecture of the French city was designed and built by the assimilationist fee but has prompted thousands of citizens from the colonies and their families in the suburbs, there where the social question and the accumulated urban decay in recent years, the one passed over again to the fore by acclaimed episodes of the news, to vote Fn it feels good. You read well, stories of Muslims who have stopped going to the mosque if sniffing the air of ideological management by the Qatar aimed, perhaps, to the creation of neighborhoods set on a confessional. So too would become explicable in terms of a question of political expediency Le Pen’s statements on the need for the French with dual citizenship (Israeli and French) have to choose one nation of residence.

The second- and third-generation immigrants, but also the ex-communists, it was said. The release of the book by Christophe Guilluy La France périphérique. Comment on a sacrifié les classes populaires, it is strengthening this prediction. The author, a former collaborator of Libération and Le Monde, Marxist geographer, an active member of SOS Racisme and political supporter of the Trotskyist Arlette Laguiller, traveling among the reasons for the social chaos of contemporary France, tries to explain the reasons for the sovereignist consensus.

Guilluy speaks of ‘elite, the “intellò” conformists who live in affluent neighborhoods, that of Bobos, who have lost touch with the reality of the French who can not pay their bills. The normal, so-called “dispossessed of democracy”, victims of austerity and confined by directives on the fringes, where the Roma are another problem.

Already Jean-Claude Michea, in very difficult times, had clarified these aspects denouncing the blending of governmental left and capitalism*, an agreement that was meant to create a blackout in the Socialist electorate. By leftist intellectuals, after all, come the theoretical reasons why the North Hexagon, historical communist territory, area workers, the Fn is given to 50% of the vote. Those who Guilly called “damned of progress”, all excluded from the globalization process, they are going to pour compact in the ballot box, from disparate parts but common reasons, to vote with conviction and compactly Marine Le Pen.

Source “The eye of the war” Il Giornale

*Pay attention to this “Blending of governemntal left and capitalism” aka the left is NOT the party of the workers anymore it is like Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton or Hollande the party of the jewish bankers Goldman Sachs and Rothschild’s corporativism. It is only very brilliant on the french workers and liberal muslims and former marxist intellectuals’ side to show they have understood the wicked game and do vote LePen.

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