Dear Mark, it’s about time you deal with Wilders, put your cards on the table and dictate the alliance’s conditions, Geert Wilders is “exaggerated” but in a coalition gov. he would have only 30% of what he wants and that 30% you may want it too.

The problem with Wilders is that he sounds exaggerated other than Moroccan-obsessive and I understand Rutte that does not want to form a government with him, but only till a certain point. In Holland the establishment must not downplay illegal immigration, the lefty open-borders craziness and the lack of integration of some immigrants, this means that, yes, of course Rutte may make an alliance with Wilders, and the liberal muslims who are in his party may offer an olive branch, not for Wilders, but for Holland, there are real problems with non assimilated muslims, who do not assimilate for their own decision and this is something that liberal anti-burqa muslims usually say clearly, even more clearly than some christians or born westerners, even though Wilders sounds exaggerated, there are real problems, and these problems can be addressed with an alliance where what’s given and what’s not given is put on the table before forming the government obviously, Wilders’s Holland cannot and must not be ignored any longer, in a coalition government in the end, he wouldn’t get all that he likes, but maybe a 30% and that 30% may be the same things Rutte and his own Party already agree with.  Don’t give in a centre-Left government, try a centre-Right. It’ll be healthy for Holland, Holland cannot go on accepting foreigners who neither love nor respect dutch culture. A bit of Wilders in the government would stabilize and equilibrate the situation. The condition of alliance may be that Rutte stays PM even if Wilders personally takes more votes because the other allies want this, this is politics and this is democracy.


In Denmark they have done it and it seems to work.

Geert Wilders, a Eurosceptic, anti-immigration fan of Trump, and his Party for Freedom has led in opinion polls for most of the past two years leading up to the March 15 election.

Source: Anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders leads Dutch election | Daily Mail Online

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