Open message to Donald Trump: “Dear Donald, don’t panic and be an Editor.”.


I am the Editor of this website and I decide what to write, whether to say good things or bad things about someone, you Donald must be bold and start thinking like an Editor of the press not like a simple Reader.

“Keep calm and be the Editor” this is my message for you Donald, you are panicking for the press because you still think like a Reader while you must do like me: you must think like an Editor, the press says what the owner wants, the only thing that you must know about a media outlest is who’s the owner, usually the same person or family owns almost all the media outlets of the Left and they all say the same things because they respond to the same owner who sacks the journalist who dissent. I have a website and no one pays me, I pay around 300 euros per year, pardon 299, to write what I like with a superior level looking theme, instead of the basic one. You must enter the set of idea that you must write the press not reading it passively, the press is not the Ten Commandments, your children, nephews, people of your staff must be editors, directors of a new line of media outlets who push our western christian etc. agenda, we must not think we have to depend on the judgement of Rothschild and Soros, they may own millions of media outlets that say all the same because the owner it’s always they.

Think like an editor, not just like a Reader.

Gen. Flynn didn’t do anything illegal, it’s incredible he resigned for the fuss, it’s not illegal to be pro Russia as Paul Joseph Watson and many others pointed out, you must not fire people in your staff to please the enemy,

You must go up in the chain of command and see who’s the boss that gives all these little dogs the orders against you, it may be three people, I’m not joking, once a Pope, Paul VI I think, said “freemasonry is controlled by maximum 5 or 6 Jews” all freemasonry, controlled by 6 people, it’s a charged revolver. Once you identify your enemy, destroy the boss and piss off the minions. The minions change ally, they deserve contempt and eventually to be arrested, but it’s the boss that must be hit.

Gen. Flynn must be reinstated, you must give the narrative of the facts, not accepting Rothschild’s narrative of the facts; what’s the narrative of the facts, it is the way the facts are told to make them look good or bad using as a material the same facts. The way the facts are exposed.

For Example:

Notice oh you citizen, that nothing done by Gen Flynn is illegal, it’s the lefty press and some elements in the CIA that try to pict them as illegal, but they are not.

Gen. Flynn is a man of peace though in the shape of a hard man of war, he knows war and the hardness of it and loathes the idea of useless especially avoidable massacres, he tried so to reach out to a good russian ambassador telling him not to retaliate against the USA and to try to resist to Obama’s, the little devil, provocations because if Hillary lost the general elections the war with Russia could be avoided and the new administration could be not so fixed on the sanctions as the warmonger one; the warmonger one is Obama’s. He did it for peace and to avoid a bloodshed, he who knows what a bloodshed is and till where useless provocations like Hillary’s and Obama’s can bring. Hillary, who was the candidate of the “left” and was in fact a neocon plus-plus-plus, without having done personally any war, unlike Flynn who’s a general and knows that

a) Russia poses no threat to the Unites States of America.

b) If the referendum in Crimea was legal, the detachment from Ukraine was democratic.

c) Once you start a war with Russia, Iran and China would join and the theater is bound to be central Europe and honestly there’s no real cause for this.

To be kind and amicable to a russian is not traison, what Hillary and Obama and the strange neocons did is treason, they’ve got such a hurry to start this war with Russia, you may believe they all have a bunker somewhere and who are all these CIA elements who want this war? To whom, if not to the President do they respond? They are blatantly not doing the interests of America, maybe they respond to the 6 Jews of Paul VI…

Kind of.

Be the Editor not a passive reader and don’t give up to the neocons now. Reinstate Flynn, be a bit shameless, don’t make people resign for fuss, he did nothing illegal, he shouldn’t resign end of. Since he did, he must be reinstated. People in politics must be shameless because there’s so much power at stake the lefty judges try to pull you down because they want the job for someone of their club, and I say lefty but I should say corporativist, it is a news of today that the judges are trying to block Martin Schulz, a german socialist, from interfering with Angela Merkel’s race to the german Kanzlerat, they attack also the socialists who do not obey them. They did it with Varoufakis, tried to do it with Corbyn and now Martin Schulz, because they know the Germans don’t want Merkel which is their candidate instead, she’d destroy Germany and we must prevent it, so be shameless and don’t resign. Flynn did nothing illegal and that’s the core of the matter, the sole thing that counts. As for Schulz, for justice, I’ll have to defend him, I who don’t like his politics, but I know what they want to do, they want Merkel forever, destroying her enemies, on the right and on the left …of Goldman Sachs.

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