It’s useless to go beating about the bush with church’s acceptance or not of gay marriage. Marriage was thought for sex to protect the woman and the children, gay marriage in a church would be stating that sodomy and lesbian sex is good which thing God doesn’t like.


Realize it, there’s something wrong in these couples: against the creation and the human bodily functions, of course sodomy is “a sin” or from a material point of view, biologically wrong. To call it a “gay wedding” doesn’t change it.

I personally believe many gay men were raped, it is disgusting how a grave sin like sodomy is being covered with sugar, there are boys who go crazy  after rape and maybe people who are gay were raped, like the transexuals who say they are women, there are sodomite rapes in jail, in the army and evidently in the seminaries – isn’t it strange the silence of Bergoglio on gay weddings and adoptions and the gender? also he talks only about “Trump” and the walls, all walls but the one he’s got at the Vatican – now God was clear: two men must not lay down like a female and a male and so two women, same sex, both gay and lesbian, is condemned by God; I beg the priests’ pardon to avoid celebrating it inside the Church in the name of the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit, it’s almost, almost, like telling people “vote Left, according to Paola’s wishes” Paola does not want people to vote left and you know it. Now Our Lord Jesus Christ said not to judge, and it’s ok, the trinitarian christian solution, which takes into consideration both the Father and the Son with the help of the Holy Spirit is this: we don’t judge same sex sinners, like we don’t judge adulterers, but we do not give the seal of approval through same sex “weddings” even less detaching a baby from the mother at birth to give him to gays or detaching a child from the legitimate father to give two lesbians, like we think Charles and Camilla are adulterers because she’s married to an alive ex husband what The Lord Jesus Christ called the “real husband” it’s not that you must not talk to Camilla, people noticed that Jesus likes to talk to the divorced lady at the well and he’s even funny with her, while he detests the hypocrite religionists, but he states that the real husband is the first, so it’s not about you have a gay friend and find him a pleasant company it’s about sodomy and lesbian sex are sins and the intention must be not to do it ever, if some people do it, like adultery, it’s God that will judge.

Matrimony was meant to lock heterosexual sex into an institution to protect the mother and the child through marriage, in fact if a woman or a man married with the secret intention not to give children to the spouse, the marriage was/is declared null.

I don’t believe I should explain these things to Justin Welby, they must stop this sin-sex-gay obsession. The answer is NO. I’d like to know what these priest would tell a lady who has a man who wants to be her lover and tells her “If you don’t betray your husband with me I cry and commit suicide”, come on with all these suicides, the answer is no the same. Even if they suicide we cannot hurt children giving them to gay and lesbian couples, who cries for all the aborted babies who really suffer during the abortion procedure? And we can see it, and about those premature babies who die suffering without medical help because the feminists wanted a law that a premature baby born before their abortion limit must not receive health care, to show off he’s not independent? They are cruel the abortionists and the church should be against them instead of insisting with Trump and the wall which is just a border between two sovereign nations, in the Bible where’s written that the borders among nations are a sin to justify the churches’ attacks against Trump or even Brexit? Adultery – Keira Knightly thanks – sodomy and lesbian sex are sins. Then God will judge not we, but gay weddings should be frankly out of the questions, not to talk about womb for rent, abortion, experiments on human embryos and gay adoptions.

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