Dear Peter Dietrich don’t get angry if your comment doesn’t appear, it’s my youtube channel that may be a bit manipulated. It’s not me, here’s the evidence.

I’m so thankful to all the people who follow and comment my website and youtube channel, I feel displeased, sorry, when I see that some comments though posted do not appear on the comment board and they’re no spam, and it’s not me deleting them. I believe they’re trying to prevent me from forming a rightwing international community, making people believe I switch off their comments and why should I, if it’s almost all compliments and people who agree with me?
Last comment in French by a Youtube viewer appeared at the bell’s note but was nowhere to be found on the comment board; Evidence:
  1. Peter Dietrich ha commentato: “Dans le tribunal de Bobigny se trouvent ans mes dossiers en instance depuis trois ans sur le complot contre la sûreté de l’État. Ciblés par les manipulateurs, ils risquent de partir en flamme par l…”

    Here’s a screenshot of the comment board taken at the same time, as a user said “There are apparently six comments, but I can see only three, now at the time when I’m writing there should be 8 but I can see 4 comments and three replies, if also the replies count they are 7 and Peter Dietrich’s comment is not there. It’s not my fault.

    I obviously would like to create a community, I’m not saying I wouldn’t thrash any comment, once I thrashed one with a link to sexy-half naked ladies that got me irritated and three I left them in the spam dustbin because they were the same comment copied and pasted everywhere, but a normal comment, moreover on my side like Peter’s I would never cancel it. Why should I?
    Be strong Readers, follow me the same. And check also this website to see eventual answers, at times even I cannot post replies on my own comment board, as for this website here I haven’t got the real statistics and I don’t know if the comment board works properly. Once I could check from a map that wasn’t manipulated and I had 800 visitors, while the wordpress statistics gave me kind of 48. Then also that map was blocked. I mean, they leave Alex Jones and Davis Icke create communities, but probably they are not with, they must be with independent servers, but I cannot now handle an independent server by myself, maybe in the future, at least with the files don’t get cancelled, when I had the website I had entire articles deleted or left only with the images without text…so before emigrating I have to be careful that I emigrate to a better service not a worse.
    Thank you very much the same, btw the psychologic war with me just doesn’t work, I go on steadfast, but you must feel comfortable that I am grateful to all the Readers, likers, and positive commentators. And as for Jake Smith who complained that I do not answer his questions, well, Jake’s comments weren’t comments were essays and there was a list of questions every time and I can’t stand theology exams I mean, Jake for that you should have a website, you cannot do it on the comment board of other channels, also other people asked me questions but it was one, pertinent and the comment sounded like a real comment on the video not an essays with interrogatory at the end.

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  1. Mes problèmes se situent à un autre niveau :, article cyberattaque Google, sabotage du système. <<<Blogs incontestés en Justice.


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