The Left is saying so much that people in Trump’s Team are Nazi sympathizers, I am sympathizing with Hitler. Adolf what did you do to send them so crazy? No one listens to your version of the story and when they do they say you’re lying, the Nurnberg process was no real process.


Nu Nazism – Sebastian Gorka allegedely a nazi sympathiser ’cause he wrote a book “Defeating Jihadis” (?) Don’t ask me.

Another Trump’s advisor accused of being – by the Left obviously – a nazi sympathiser, and Breitbart defends him etc. so all of us nazis, after all, if the nazis were so normal as the people who are accused of being neo-nazis, like Sebastian Gorka this turn, now I understand the germans who fell for it.

Evidently even Hitler was a normal human being, who told us that he was a monster and people had to understand suddenly he was? Even now I feel the leftists are worse, maybe the leftists of the time of Hitler – the communists – were worse than Hitler himself. Who told us that the people murdered in the Gulag suffered less than the people murdered in Auschwitz? Oh, yes, the Jews, but the Jews are not neutral, they were murdered in Auschwitz and they do diminish the importance of the sufferings of the other people, you can tell them all the cruelties and tortures inflicted by the communist, aka leftist totalitarian like them, Mao and they say “How dare you, in Auschwitz they suffered more, in Auschwitz was worse” and that’s their opinion as jews, but the fact that they can bring people on a trial for equiparating the sufferings of the victims of Mao – who was really cruel, probably, the cruellest of them all and I’m not joking – and Stalin – “their” Stalin, Stalin the comrade was also ethnically a Jew – I mean they can drag people to a tribunal because they must state that their sufferings are called the holocaust and are more important than the other sufferings which thing in reality does not make sense. The Holocaust copyright owners diminish the importance of all other genocides and don’t want to listen about the eventual rights of the Palestinians to exist: only they count. We’re all nazi, and after telling us that no, not even Mao was like Hitler and not Stalin with his good millions of killed people was, no, but then they tell us that Trump is.

So, let me understand, Stalin and Mao are not like Hitler, but Trump is?

And I have to discuss with these theorists of the new nazism? Or better nu-nazism a pop fashion of which I mean I should be part of because I supported Trump… But Stalin and Mao or Che Guevara or Fidel no, if you compare them to Hitler or Mussolini, that by the way they copied, particularly Mussolini, they want to jail you for negationism or diminishism – that you diminish the uniqueness of the Holocaust.

Adolf, what did you do to drive them crazy? So crazy? They’re triggered only by Hitler. And by Trump.

Here I should put the image of the feminist of P. J. Watson’s videos, Miss “I’m triggered”.

They are triggered by the nazis and by Trump, remember that they didn’t do anything when the british government blocked entrance of three priests from Syria in the UK only because they said that Assad wasn’t the bad one, he was the one who was protecting them, they let jihadis in instead and now don’t like Trump for the ban – temporary -. So they are like Hitler because they love jihadis and jihadis first or later, unlike Trump, will kill the Jews – because this is what Jihadis do.

Have you seen how nice, how pretty, how humble the former feminists of the swedish government looked with the veil in Iran? that’s courage. They fight so loud against Trump basically because they’re not scared of him, if they were scared they would obey. When they are scared they do obey. Always. They’re waiting for an SS to rape them. Oh but the SS were too handsome, probably their islamist thugs will be much less handsome and they’ll rape them more, the SS, believe it or not, had lovers, also jewish lovers.

I mean, do they realize whom are they calling in the countries? Muslim thugs. Keira Knightly wants more refugees and so on, we should deport the luvvies and the celebs in the muslim countries directly so they’ll enjoy the veil and the rapes out of our sight. They’ll miss us, we won’t miss them.

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