Right Wingers’ Call to Arms: we must put LePen at the Presidency in France and, Steve, dear, get ready “Breibart Paris” – In French – Read for the details of the Prise de la Bastille Project.


There’s the need of a “Breitbart Paris” new link in french

France goes with us, we basically have to rescue all the West for the westerners, now Fillon said his votes at the second turn will go to LePen if Macron is second in the run and he third. And this is ok, but it’s not enough, because the storming of the anglophones we did for Brexit and Trump cannot be repeated if we don’t publish also in French for the French elections.


We must put LePen at the Presidency and since we have convinced in America and Britain “the whites without a degree” now we must convince the élite in France who can read english and I think they’ll vote her but we need to reach also the people, the “whites without a degree” of France and we must tell them in French, I am sure, I am Italian I do know how it works: there must be an information’s pro LePen storm both in English – élite-international level, and in the national language of the elections, I do what I can here with this website and my Youtube Channel, but truly I’d like Bannon to set up “Breitbart Paris” in french, it can be a link to Breitbart.com, but unlike Breitbart Jerusalem that’s in english, Breitbart Paris must be in French and then there is the last german fight “Breitbart Germany” in german for the German elections in September. I tell you what to do, hire one or two french editors pro LePen but respectful of Fillon and against Macron who’s the Soros-Rothschild man, if you can’t read french and dont’ trust them, write the articles in english and tell the french editor just to translate them word by word, it works the same, maybe better, I translate my own articles from a language to another.

Remember that we lost the Austrian presidency in my opinion for lack of publications in german and now we’ve got Van Der Bellen instead of Hofer who was pro Trump and against mass immigration, Van der Bellen is the one who said that all countries of the EU are better off now than before entering…I mean, this is not lying: this is denying reality, I believe they have gone “beyond lying”.

Why LePen: because LePen is the big taboo to be broken and because if we push LePen Fillon should come next; if there is the final round LePen vs. Fillon we shall not treat Fillon the way we did with Hillary, because he doesn’t deserve it, I read good opinions about him by trustworthy christian rightwing intellectuals, so we’ll support LePen, but with respect for Fillon, but if the final round is LePen vs Macron: we must destroy the little servant of Rothschild in France. We can say that being I Italian and you, Steve, American, we probably love France more than he.

Link information about the good opinions we all have about LePen in America, UK, Italy etc. make the french electors feel comfortable.

LePen is a supporter and admirer of Trump, Macron has already started breaking the balls and he hasn’t arrived yet.

Apropos, but why did Flynn have to resign? I’m also favourable to lifting the russian sanctions, I just can’t see the scandal, and I can tell you that even Mogherini and Juncker, personally, were favourable to lifting the russian sanctions, Obama is not the President of the USA any longer he cannot rule “post-mortem”, obviously the russian sanctions can be lifted, that’s a perfectly legitimate position.

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