Guys, we can win in France, the last poll IFOP shows LePen fixed at 26%, Macron lost 1%, Fillon gained 0.5% and Macron’s voters said they can change their minds at an astonishing 65%, Fillon must gain on Macron now “only” 1.5%, last week it was around 3%. Our strategy to push the Centre-Right Vs Right Finale is working.


The certainty of the vote.

Last week there was Fillon in third place and Macron in second, but Fillon is raising in the polls of 0.5% while Macron is losing 1%, so the gap between the two is diminishing, while Marine is the “Queen” of the poll with 26% fixed. Fillon to reach the second turn must recover “just” 1.5% over Macron, last week it was 3%, our plan to have a Centre-Right Vs. Right final round is working.

Not only, while more than 80% of Marine’s voters are sure of their choice, in Macron’s case only 34% say to be sure, the others said they can change their minds, while Fillon’s supporters are sure at 78%. This elections can be won and Macron can be eliminated from the race. Our battle to obtain a LePen vs Fillon finale is winnable. Emmanuel Macron’s support is diminishing and it’s diminishing also the certainty of his voters, people who say they would vote him and they are sure went from 42% to 36%, Fillon’s certainty of the votes went from 62% to 70%.

We can put back Fillon in second place and have Republicans-FN government or alliance, that’s certainly much healthier for France..

We mus get it. Allons enfants de la Patrie…


There also a lot of undecided, particulalry at the second round. Let’s hunt the undecided.

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