Well, at this point the Front National should have 61% of the votes and need no alliance to govern.  The Socialists are a total failure, not even the blacks are happy with them – if they can be happy with something – mind you the whites. PARIS ERUPTS IN VIOLENCE: streets are NO-GO ZONES | World | News | Express.co.uk

The lefty governments can only bring people from Africa and Asia to Europe, then they cannot handle them, the police officer who allegedly raped the non white citizen is under trial and if the allegations are true he should be sentenced no less than 20 years jail. Said that, 20 years to the sodo-police officer, the scenes of riots are the same as in Sweden, ruled by the Left, again. The political point is that in France there’s no “hard right” “fascist” government, remember that Valls and Hollande are “the Left”, the “champagne socialists”, la “Gauche caviar” now become “Gauche merde”, I just don’t see what retains the French from voting massively Front National, the whites are not so happy and the blacks riot, no one wants Hollande, and this is clear, but it must be even clearer that the supposed centrist – independent candidate, le petit Macron, is a socialist who participated to the actual Valls government who exited the Socialist Party to candidate himself as an independent only when he saw that the citizens, obviously, didn’t want another socialist government. And how could they? Police “brutality” and if the news is true, this is real brutality, was considered a “fascist” thing, while now they have it with the “Left” whatever Left means, but I have to mark a little detail of the whole story, do you know what Hollande did as an answer to this brutality scandal? He put 2,600 cameras to follow police officers while on job on the streets. More Big Brother actually, and I have a couple of questions, who’s the police officer sodomite on duty? Is he an israeli who hates so much the arabs and does “like in Israel”? Because you must remember that “Like in Israel” is the shameful mantra of Valls’s who’s married to a jewess. If yes, that’s another evidence we must get rid of them.

I believe all this is done on purpose to justify the cameras spying on police officers out on duty.

And in any case, the only solution is to vote massively Front National, this Left has no meaning. And if it has one, it’s a very bad one.

Given that Macron is clearly part of this Left, the Republicans must state that they’d vote LePen, eventually, at the second turn.

POLICE in Paris are struggling to cope with the fall out from a plague of riots which have kicked off in the city’s northern suburbs.

Source: PARIS ERUPTS IN VIOLENCE: streets are NO-GO ZONES | World | News | Express.co.uk

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